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Published: October 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: Modern Warfare III launches on November 10
  • However, its first season will likely begin in early December
  • It will feature new cosmetics, operators, weapons, as well as three new 6v6 maps

As MWIII’s release date draws near, the developers have yet to reveal an official date for the start of Season 1, leaving fans to speculate when it will begin.

When Does Season 1 Start?

We are just a couple of weeks from the launch of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III, the remake of the popular 2011 title. With the launch date coming soon, many fans are still wondering what exactly will they get from the game. One thing that has been traditional from CoD games is that their first season usually starts later than the release and often comes with a lot more content.

While we still don’t have the exact date of when MWIII’s Season 1 will begin, we can make some educated guesses. Historically, the first season of a modern CoD game usually comes about one month after the game’s launch. Considering MWIII launches on November 10, we can expect its first season to begin sometime in early December.

While the devs have yet to announce an official date, chances are Season 1 will start Wednesday, December 6, as that is when MWII and Warzone Season 6 wrap up. It should also be noted that the season will not have ranked play from the get-go. Instead, it’s expected that ranked in MWIII will come sometime in January.

What Content Can Players Expect?

Apart from the usual Battle Pass, Operators, new weapons, balance changes, and Zombies content that players have grown accustomed to, MWIII’s Season 1 will also bring more changes. As revealed in the CoD Next event on October 5th, there will be three new 6v6 maps arriving with the start of the new Season.

It should also be noted that any cosmetics that players accumulate in MWII and Warzone will also be transferred to MWIII. This is thanks to the game’s carry-forward features which will allow players to bring weapons and attachments from MWII into the new game. This includes the highly sought-after Ghoulie camo, which became available from the Haunting event yesterday. Read our article on information about how to acquire Modern Warfare II’s Ghoulie camo.

MWIII’s devs have yet to reveal everything that Season 1 will offer, but that will be announced in the coming weeks and after the game’s launch on November 10, so make sure to stay tuned for more information.

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