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Published: April 19, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Raven Software has released teaser trailers and audio about Warzone Pacific’s upcoming season
  • They hint at Godzilla and other monsters coming to the game
  • These trailers coincide with a leak from February suggesting Godzilla will be in the game

Recent teaser trailers and audio released by Raven hints that the popular monster Godzilla may be coming to the next Season of CoD: Warzone Pacific.

Raven Software Releases New Teasers

Call of Duty: Warzone has had a bumpy life ever since it was launched two years ago. Players have often criticized what the game has to offer, but Raven Software still doesn’t give up on it. Recently they made a huge mid-seasonal content drop that included Snoop Dogg as a playable character. All of these crazy updates are done to reinvigorate the Warzone community.

But Raven is not done with the outlandish updates. Recently players got a sneak peek of what Warzone Pacific Season 3 has to offer, which are cryptic hints that none other than the king of monsters Godzilla may appear in the next update.

CoD: Warzone’s new trailer hints at the new stuff that’s coming with the start of the new season on April 27. Lore wise, the nazis dropped Nebula bombs on multiple places around the world including Caldera. This is obviously bad, but the narrator of the trailer also says something interesting in the trailer: [the nazis had] “unwittingly shaken something awake, something far more powerful and fearsome than anything we could ever hope to comprehend.”

More Teasers Are Popping Up

Raven is going all out on the marketing campaign, even making hidden messages in their promotional material. This one teaser shows an interesting audio file apparently found to be broadcasting from a cache. When a Twitter user ran a spectral analysis on the recording, a hidden message reading “Monsters are real” appeared.

This teaser could mean anything, but previous reports claim the two iconic characters of Godzilla and King Kong will be coming to the game. These claims are supported by the findings of leaker and writer Tom Henderson. Back in February, he reported seeing an image showing King Kong fighting a WW2 plane while soldiers aimed their weapons at him. Henderson also reports seeing another image that showed “Godzilla destroying troops below with a bright blue beam.”

While no official information on what these monsters coming to Warzone’s Season 3 has been released, data so far points that something big is indeed going to be implemented in the game. Players would just have to wait for more news.

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