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Published: September 6, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The game is fraught with game-breaking bugs, and there seems to be no solution in sight
  • Some fans have taken it upon themselves to record instances of abnormal game behavior 
  • Players call out for a standalone zombie game from Treyarch

Rampant bugs still plague CoD Zombies games as fans are preparing to see Vanguard hit the store shelves. The fan-favorite zombie mode still delivers thrills and chills. However, this often comes at the cost of many other game sessions plagued by various technical problems. 

Bugs Continue to Cause Problems

CoD Cold War came into the market in November last year, soon after the release of the next-gen game consoles. The game immediately had some issues with its zombie mode and the hardware it was running on. While these technical hiccups are too many or too game-breaking, they are usually tidied up in the first few updates. 

However, some users have encountered so many issues that they have in a way, turned themselves into game testers. One Reddit user by the name of Admirable-Community8 has started writing down every bug they ran into. They posted a list of problems they encountered while gaming, saying in one of their comments 

“And Season 3 and 4 also had their issues but not as bad, maybe 40% I was able to control (being very generous with that estimate). I don’t have all of them recorded because it started locking up my Ps4 with too many recordings, but I mentioned that to prove that this is true.”, Admirable-Community8 said.

The list includes all manner of technical snags: game freezers, perks not working, not being able to swap weapons. Crashes and freezes have ended 78 of the 85+ games this player has played. Other bizarre glitches even include a highly exponential amount of points earned per game.

Another player said, “My crashes haven’t been as frequent but they definitely are there. Has happened on both a i5 7600/1060 3gb and an R7 5800X/3070, crashes in both zombies and MP and in menus. Error code is different every single time.” Many similar comments express similar problematic encounters. 

Fans Call Out for a Standalone Zombie Game from Treyarch

The Zombie mode has been a staple of the CoD franchise ever since the first games, with the undead rising in the standalone Xbox game Call of Duty: Zombies back in 2009. It is a tried and tested formula with different maps and enemies, each suitable for a variety of players.

With some versions of this mode striking home with players better than others, Cold War Zombies introduced new types of game modes such as the more open-world Outbreak or the tight-knit Onslaught, which received a mixed reception from fans. 

With fans calling out for a standalone zombie game questions arise as to what that game would look like. Some have suggested that it could be more like a collection of maps from previous games; thus one can easily imagine shooting Nazi zombies one match and then switching to combat in space the next one.

With Vanguard on the horizon, it will continue Cold War’s legacy of a new zombie format. However, not so many players feel the need to buy another CoD game, even with Treyarch’s involvement. “I’m not buying Vanguard for only zombies, so I hope for their sake they start releasing zombies standalone,” one player said. 

Price has often been an important factor in the purchase of games for many people. With the many unknowns as to what a hypothetical zombies-only game might actually be, the cost will surely play a bigger role when people decide to purchase it or not. 

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