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Published: February 8, 2022

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Popular Warzone streamer Kalei Renay was denied captainship in an upcoming CoD tournament
  • The reason given was the streamer’s “over-sexual tweets”
  • Kalei claims there are double standards involved

Popular FaZe Clan streamer Kalei Renay was denied a captain’s spot in an upcoming CoD: Warzone tournament because of “over sexual tweets”.

Kalei Denied Captainship

FaZe Kalei is one of the most popular Warzone twitch streamers. With her viewership increasing over 200% in the last year, she has become a prominent face in the male-dominated FaZe Clan. She was supposed to participate in a Call of Duty Warzone tournament captaining her team, however, she was denied the opportunity by Activision Blizzard themselves. The reason given was the streamer’s “over-sexual tweets”.

In a deleted tweet, Kalei expressed her disbelief. “[I] wasn’t allowed to get a captain spot in our own FaZe tourney,” she wrote, “due to Activision literally not liking my “over-sexual tweets” by yet on the same company has a profile picture of a creator’s ass cheek as their avatar on a company’s Twitter.”

It does have to be said that Kalei’s posts have sometimes veered off to PG-13 or R-rated territory. When combing through her social media, one can from time to time find the occasional lewd phrase to, in one case, a photo of what appears to be a human-sized sex toy. Still, most of her controversial tweets seem to be just jokes and copy-pastas.

Is This a Matter of Hypocrisy?

It seems Kalei’s problem is not so much the ban, but the seeming presence of double standards. After all the “ass cheek” she is referring to belongs to fellow clan member FaZe Swagg. He promised he would get a tattoo of the Raven Software logo if it rolled back a Call Of Duty: Warzone update. Raven Software’s official account changed the profile picture to the tattooed butt cheek for a short time before reverting to its usual logo.

And yes, this whole situation is as bizarre to us while we are writing it, as it is to you dear reader.

Nevertheless, Kalei doesn’t seem to be bothered by her clanmate’s situation. “I know this is all fun and games, and don’t get me wrong,” she tweeted, “I find it f**king hilarious, and this is in no way coming at Swagg because it’s funny.”

Activision’s code of conduct says that players must meet “the highest standards of personal integrity and good sportsmanship … as determined by administration.” This means that the contents of a player’s social media could, indeed, influence your standing with the company. However, the way it is out inti words is still very vague.

So far Activision Blizzard has not yet officially responded to Kalei’s claims, perhaps because the company currently has continuing bigger problems surrounding their acquisition by Microsoft recently.

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