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Published: June 14, 2021

Written by: Hannah

  • Faze Clan’s appearance on the front cover of Sports Illustrated marks another endorsement of esports
  • Esports is not only about the ability to compete in video games but also the ability to build community and entertainment products
  • FaZe started as a content creation channel and transitioned to competitive video gaming 

Esports are more readily acknowledged these days as they find a new way of engaging audiences and attracting fans from across the entire industry spectrum. FaZe Clan’s appearance on Sports Illustrated’s cover is a testimony to that. 

Sports Illustrated Picks FaZe Clan for Cover – Rightly So 

Faze Clan has made it to the cover of Sports Illustrated, America’s most venerated sports magazine, breaking in-depth pieces from all walks of sports. While the cover has long been reserved for those of astute physical prowess, things may be changing.

As it turns out, esports crews now have their moment under the limelight. Stepping out of the projectors doesn’t mean they would sink into oblivion, though, as Faze Clan or Faze Sniping, as the once-upon-a-time YouTube channel is known, is a true powerhouse in the competitive video gaming today.

Founded over 11 years ago, Faze captures the natural progression of esports. Faze Sniping was designed as a channel where people would tune in to watch and see some cool trick shots allowing them the upper hand in Call of Duty.

Nobody was even thinking esports competitions at the time, but FaZe was ahead of the curve. In 2012, after the channel hit one million subscribers, a record-setting number even by today’s standards, the team decided to go pro.

They split into two separate teams, one competing in games such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Call of Duty and the other focusing purely on content. It wouldn’t be until 2014 that Faze Clan would think about creating a more competitive structure. 

Delivering Solid Content Drives Success for FaZe 

FaZe’s reputation for one of the best teams out there grew, but so did its content arm. Where some might have thought that ditching content would have been a smart move there, FaZe focused on it even more dedicatedly, turning it into a full-time gig, and that paid off.

During the pandemic, most esports organizations started losing revenue, but FaZe’s clout increased even further thanks to the team’s content-production value. In fact, an estimated 80% of the organization’s $40 million revenue comes through content creation. 

FaZe has evolved from its nature of a hub where you could learn about “trick shots,” too, thanks to strategic partnerships with personalities who appeal to people outside of video gaming too.

FaZe’s Success and Celebrities Ties

News that celebrities are trickling in to support esports teams has been prevalent since at least 2016, when the first more serious investments began. DrakeImagine DragonsDavid Beckham has all been putting down a pretty penny for esports, and that has boosted their profile.

FaZe has not fallen behind at all. The company is partly owned by the likes of NBA’s Ben SimmonsMeyers Leonard, and Josh Hart, to name just a few. There are also PitbullOffsetNyjah Houston, and many other popular faces around the entertainment world.

That has given Faze Clan a solid foothold in the content creation space, with direct access to many personalities and their own networks. FaZe approach to esports is not purely concentrated in competitive gaming, and there is that.

Regardless, the company’s success has been noteworthy, and appearing on Sports Illustrated is an achievement that should be celebrated by the entire esports community. 

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