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Published: November 15, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Fans want the fridge from Black Ops 2 to be introduced in MWIII’s Zombies
  • It was used as a useful gear storage item in the older title
  • This would also make unlocking weapons in MWIII much faster

Zombies has always been a popular mode in any CoD game, but fans still want more crucial improvements in Modern Warfare III.

Fans Want the Fridge Back

It has been a few days since CoD: Modern Warfare III was fully released and gamers all around the world are busy playing its various modes. One mode that has been a staple of CoD games since the time of the earliest titles is Zombies. However, like many other aspects of the game, fans always seem to find things that MWIII can improve on, and some have given suggestions about what could be added to the game’s Zombies.

It might seem strange, but fans want the devs to add a fridge to the game mode. Now, this isn’t some ordinary item, but it’s actually the fridge from Black Ops 2, which was used as a weapon storage device where players used to stash top-tier guns for later endeavors.

This was discussed in a recent Reddit post where many players seemed to agree that the addition of the fridge would be a great feature for MWIII’s Zombies. “A fridge to keep your paped weapon. A bank to keep max 100 000$. That would fix A LOT of things,” one comment reads. These stored Zombies weapons, if properly plugged into the BO2 fridge, would go from one lobby on maps like TranZit, Die Rise, and Buried to another.

Why Is This Important?

MWIII’s Zombies seem to be one of, if not the most popular modes the game currently offers, so it’s no surprise that fans want to see it improved. According to many, this could be a saving grace for the game, which has often been criticized over the past few weeks since the beta for various things. Players have been complaining about things ranging from various bugs to MWIII’s campaign being short because it was rushed in development.

However, there are several factors why Zombies continues to be quite popular among fans. One of these is obviously the fact it’s become a staple of any CoD game. However, MWIII gives an additional boost to the mode as it is one of the best ways to unlock new weapons. This is because MWIII has a new daily challenges-based system for unlocking new gear and the mode simply makes things easier to do. Here’s how you can use the Zombies mode to unlock new weapons.

It’s clear that Modern Warfare III is far from the perfect product that many wanted as fans continue to find various problems with the game, be they glitches, or missing features. It’s unknown if the devs would hear the fan’s concersns so for now, players will have to continue rasiing the alarm and hope things will be imporved soon.

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