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Published: December 21, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • A Reddit user shared a short clip where a Call of Duty: Warzone hacker gets beaten to death by Krampus
  • Although the creature is widely disliked, fans were willing to make an exception and called the video a “satisfying” one
  • Warzone hackers’ numbers have dwindled but there are still some who manage to bypass the anti-cheat

Call of Duty: Warzone fans were delighted to see a short video of a hacker who gets destroyed by Krampus.

Krampus Smashes a Cheating Player

Krampus is Call of Duty: Warzone’s force of nature. The creature serves as a chaos factor and an obstacle to players, forcing them to retreat and change tactics. Although Warzone fans generally dislike the creature and the randomness element it adds, today’s story is different.

A short clip, originally posted on Reddit by a community member named TylerMaillet, spectates a Warzone hacker who got what he deserved by getting beaten to death by the monster.

At first, the cheater tries to fight back while retreating. However, the monster is stronger and quickly catches up, starting to beat the player. The latter uses a self-revive to get back up. Seeing that fighting back against Krampus is pointless, he takes one last shot at another player. Although he succeeds in killing his opponent thanks to the cheat engine, the hacker’s escape is ruined by Krampus who returned. The cheater eventually also bites the dust and poetically falls right next to the player whom he just killed.

Fans Praised the Monster

While people usually have a disdain for Krampus, they were willing to give credit where it is due and praise the creature for destroying the cheater. The original poster called this a “satisfying” death, which was a sentiment that echoed across the whole Warzone Reddit community.

One Reddit user reminded people that originally, the Krampus is a creature that “scares and beats naughty children.” The user said that the hacker’s death is a perfect example of that.

As a free-to-play title, Call of Duty: Warzone has long been plagued by cheaters. Fans were desperate for a change and many were giving up the game. Luckily, the developers heard the players’ pleas and eventually released a special anti-cheat engine called RICOCHET Anti-Cheat. Since then, the hackers’ numbers have dwindled although there are still some that roam about.

Still, all’s well that ends well and this time, the Krampus was the hero who helped where the anti-cheat engine couldn’t.

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