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Published: November 13, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • CoD: Modern Warfare III has finally been released last Friday
  • It has a new weapon and gear progression system
  • Many fans don’t seem to like the idea and want a return to the older way of unlocking guns

CoD: MWIII’s new Armory Systems requires players to complete daily and weekly challenges to unlock weapons and gear, but many fans seem to strongly dislike this.

Fans Criticize New System

Over the past few days, players from all around the world have been busy playing CoD: Modern Warfare III which was finally released on Friday, November 10. The game was one of the most highly-anticipated titles for 2023 but it has so far had a somewhat mixed reception. Players who have played the beta of the game or, have preordered it and had early access have criticized it for various features. It seems that after the game was fully released, players’ concerns only grew louder, with the latest one being about its new progression system.

Unlike older CoD titles, Modern Warfare III implemented the so-called Armory System, which locks a lot of the game’s weapons and gear behind challenges that players have to complete. Fans have to go through various daily and weekly challenges in order to unlock the weapons they want, which is something many seem to dislike.

A Reddit post summarizes the problems clearly. “One of the things I liked about CoD was that I could hop on and just play however I wanted and make progress on unlocks, win or lose. It’s a classic system at this point,” the post reads. The OP further explains that now players have to do dailies and essentially play MWIII the way the devs want, not the way they want.

Furthermore, to unlock something, players must win a game. This means that they might perform well in a match, but if their team sucks and they lose, the item won’t be unlocked, despite the player’s best efforts. Many fans seem to think this just makes playing stressful and it stops them from wanting to stay in games that aren’t going well. Not to mention that the new system overall takes a lot of time to progress through it.

There is a way to more quickly unlock weapons using the Zombies mode, but that’s still a workaround rather than the normal way to do it, but many fans seem to feel pressured they need to play it instead of diving straight into normal multiplayer. A compromise might be what some players from the Reddit post’s comments suggested – the Armory System should be only for certain things that cost less. Furthermore, players should be able to finish the final challenge of a daily by completing an objective. That way, they can still get the job done even if they lose due to bad teammates.

It’s unknown if the game’s devs would take into consideration any of this, but the Armory System is not the only thing that players have been complaining about. Recently, fans also dissed MWIII’s campaign, which was allegedly rushed to fit with changing deadlines that Activision had posed during development.

Whatever the case, it seems that for now, fans will unfortunately have to play with the rather imperfect system in place if they want to unlock other weapons and gear.

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