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Published: August 30, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Modern Warfare III has already been revealed and is expected to be released in November
  • However, some fans are worried that the guns in the game will not add anything new to the gameplay
  • Others say that they feel hopeful, as the leaks suggest MWIII will have new weapons

Modern Warfare III has been the center of discussion since the reveal trailer dropped two weeks ago, but it does not seem everybody is as hyped about the game.

Fans Express Concerns

It’s safe to say that the reveal of the remake of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has generated a ton of hype. Not only will fans get a remake of the modern classic that is MW3, but they will also receive a ton of cosmetic goodies if they pre-order the game, which will transfer to other CoD titles, such as MWII.

However, a couple of weeks from the launch of the reveal trailer have already passed and the hype seems to have started to die down, as fans are raising some concerns. In particular, many players have been talking about how boring the series’ weapon archetypes have become.

There is a running joke that CoD games always feel the same across titles and this joke seems to have resurfaced, as weapons have been ported over from Modern Warfare (2019). “With many of the current guns feeling samy imo, especially the 556 AR’s, I worry that having a huge pool of guns to choose from in MW3 will just make them seem even less unique and boring,” wrote a user in a Reddit post, complaining that they might not see enough variety in MWIII. “Also, I’m worried about how well they will be able to balance all of them!”

This is somewhat of a paradox, considering the first Modern Warfare game from 2007 had a total of 26 weapons, to which they could attach just two attachments. Over the years, the weapon inventory has increased to over 60 weapons, each one being capable of carrying up to five attachments. In theory, this should allow players vast flexibility allowing them to adjust their weapons systems to suit their playstyle for multiplayer, Warzone, and DMZ.

Unfortunately, with many guns comes the inevitable trouble of finding a proper balance. A lot of weapons are simply better in the meta than others, therefore a lot of them feel identical. It’s this lack of “personality” that has players worried about MWIII, which is set to feature every current MWII weapon, plus some returning favorites from other CoD titles.

That being said, as with many other big game titles, there have been leaks regarding the MWIII as well, and some players think that it wouldn’t be so bad. “Based on the leaks I’m actually hopeful that it’s gonna be better,” one fan wrote. “Obviously, I don’t know how the guns will feel and perform, but based on looks alone we are about to get a lot of unique, different-looking guns.”

In the end, all that is left for fans to do is to wait and see what Activision will release this November.

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