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Published: December 2, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Warzone 2 has implemented the controversial Proximity chat feature
  • It allows players to hear enemies that are close by 
  • Dr Disrespect revealed why he was banned when he used it

Dr Disrespect has been vocal about the introduction of Proximity chat to Warzone 2 and he recently explained the ridiculous reason why he got banned because of it.

Dr Disrespect Blasts Proximity Chat

When it comes to opinions on any Call of Duty game, Dr Disrespect has never been one to hold back. With the release of two new CoD titles this autumn, the Doc has been busy playing the games and criticizing them, most recently blasting Warzone 2. One of the many things Dr Disrespect has issues with is the newly implemented Proximity chat. Not only is the Doc not liking the controversial feature, but it also became the reason for him getting a one-week ban. 

What Proximity chat represents is a way to hear nearby enemies. This means players are able to communicate and even trash-talk those that enter their vicinity. This can be both a useful and detrimental feature depending on how it is used and Dr Disrespect has been keen to point out the negatives. 

The feature can be used to get a reading on how close enemy players are and the Doc has shown this by abusing Proximity chat. Recently, he even managed to take out a stream sniper after hearing his own stream’s audio in the background. But despite his clever use or rather manipulation of the feature, Doc has landed himself a ban, although not for the reason one might expect.

Doc Explains Why He Was Banned

Considering Dr Disrespect has been quite a prolific user of the Proximity chat, one may not be surprised that he was eventually banned. But the abuse of the feature was not the reason for him getting a seven-day suspension. In a broadcast on YouTube, the streamer was going back and forth with the chat, when the latter asked him why he was banned last week. 

Perhaps to the surprise of many, the reason why the Doc was banned was just a common sware word. “It wasn’t the p*ssy one, was it?” Doc read a comment. “Yes, it was. Actually. Underneath high rise, that whole scene? That was the one.” 

The streamer mocked Activision for being “out of touch” by banning him and believes they wanted to make an example out of him. “I’ve seen way f**king worse! Holy sh*t,” Dr Disrespect exclaimed, explaining there have been much worse things players have said but have not received bans.

Now that his ban is lifted, Doc will probably continue blasting the feature to point out its problems.

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