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Published: November 25, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The Doc backtracks on his initial positive verdict on the game
  • “It won’t last very long,” he said in a recent stream 
  • His main issue with the game is that there seems to be no skill gap

Just days after praising CoD: Warzone 2’s level design, Dr Disrespect seems to have changed his mind and now thinks the game might not have a bright future after all.

Dr Disrespect Backtracks on His Verdict

Call of Duty fans rejoice as Warzone 2 has already been released. Along who them, many popular streamers have started playing the game and giving their thoughts on it. Of course, no CoD game can remain untouched Dr Disrespect, the popular streamer famous for his hot takes on the many battle royals he plays. 

The Doc has always been very direct in his verdicts regarding the games he plays and Call of Duty titles have not been spared his judgment. But despite the Doc criticizing Warzone 2’s looting system, he seemed rather positive about the game during the first few days after its launch. 

He even praised one aspect he thinks is key to its future success, that being its level design. “For me, one of the most underrated things in first-person shooter games is level design and map design,” he said. “It’s so crucial to have that as dominant as the rest of the game.”

However, after having played the game for a few days now, the Doc feels a lot less positivity towards the game and its future. 

What Exactly Does Doc Not like about Warzone 2?

During a stream with CouRage, when both players were preparing for the OpTic Texas 100k Warzone 2 event, Dr Disrespect seemed to have had enough. Following a few quick deaths, he exclaimed that the low TTK has destroyed the skill gap. “Dude there is literally no skill gap in this game, huh?” Doc said after being eliminated. CouRage defended this as a decision by the developers who wanted the ability for anyone to kill anyone.

But the Doc was having none of that, saying that a low skill gap would hurt Warzone 2 going forward. He ranted that now the game seems to be dumbed down compared to the original and how easy it is to secure kills in the new game. “It’s such a f*****g phony game, it’s literally built for fourth graders at this point,” he exclaimed after another death. “I’m just talking about this game in general right now – the way it’s tuned and there’s literally no skill gap.”

This seems to have infuriated Dr Disrespect so much that he suggested Treyarch should develop their next battle royal based on their work on Blackout, the CoD franchise’s first foray into the genre. “I want Blackout 2, I think it’s time we ditch Warzone,” the Doc said. “I don’t know, maybe, maybe not. But let’s get Treyarch back in the ball game, holy s**t. Treyarch makes fun.”

It remains to be seen if the Doc’s opinion can be once again swung to the positive side.

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