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Published: March 30, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Kenji, a collegiate Call of Duty payer was accused of cheating
  • To prove his innocence, he set up a monitor cam but ended up recording himself using wallhacks
  • This resulted in a swift ban for him and his teammates

When one is accused of hacking in a game, one wants to prove their innocence, but this CoD player ended up incriminating himself with a monitor camera.

Player Bamboozles Himself

Cheating in games has existed ever since games themselves have. With today’s anti-cheat systems implemented in many computative games, it is not that easy to hack, yet some players still do it and get caught. But what happens when one gets bamboozled by themselves and accidentally reveals their cheating software?

Well, this is what happened to a collegiate Call of Duty player, who was trying to prove his innocence, but ironically busted himself for using a hack. The hacker in question is a player for Grand Canyon University, as reported by Jake Lucky. To prove his innocence, the accused player called Kenji set up a monitor cam in his room but accidentally recorded their cheating software in action. A video posted on Twitter by Lucky shows several yellow boxes moving in the field of vision of the player, a sure indicator of “wall-hacks”.

What Are the Consequences for Kenji?

The player did not have to wait long for consequences to come after him. Kenji was permanently banned from the Collegiate Call of Duty League and his team Grand Canyon University has been disqualified from the remainder of the 2022 season and postseason.

The repercussions of Kenji’s actions did not stop there, as even his four teammates were also banned until the beginning of the 2023 season. However, unlike Kenji, they will be able to return to competitive play next year. The team’s remaining matches will be counted as forfeits for the opposing teams. Previous matches have also been reverted on eFuse, confirmed the collegiate relations coordinator for the organization EFuse Jacen.

What happened to Kenji is, to put it lightly, ironic. Cheating can be a big problem in competitive games, and Call of Duty is no exception. It ruins everyone’s fun and is rightfully considered unfair when it comes to competitions and tournaments.

When a player is accused of cheating, they can often use a monitor camera to prove their innocence. It is not 100% proof, as the accused player can simply turn off the cheats, or otherwise not record any incriminating evidence. In his case, however, Kenji played himself, resulting in his ban, and unfortunately that of his teammates, who may have not even known about his use of hacks.

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