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Published: November 2, 2021

Written by: Barney

  • TwitchMetrics revealed who were the most viewed Call of Duty Warzone streamers during October 2021
  • Aydan took first place as the most watched Warzone streamer last month
  • Swagg, who ranked as the third most watched streamer took first place with the highest number of peak viewers

Call of Duty Warzone was released in March 2020. Although the game has been out for some time, it keeps attracting a significant number of viewers on Twitch.

Most Watched Call of Duty Warzone Streamers, October 2021

In light of the upcoming release of Call of Duty Vanguard and CoD Warzone’s new map, Caldera, it would be interesting to know who the most viewed Warzone streamers on Twitch were last month. Details released by TwitchMetrics show who were the most watched CoD Warzone Streamers and who had the highest peak viewership in October 2021. Here is a list showing top ten based on viewer hours:

RankNameViewer hours
* Ranked based on total viewership hours (hours live x average viewers) for the last 30 days; details released by TwitchMetrics

Focusing on the top 5, Twitch’s ranking placed Symfuhny 5th. The streamer has 3.4 million followers and ranked as the 78th most watched English channel. Moreover, Symfuhny ranked as the 3rd most watched English CoD Warzone channel.

The fourth place in October belongs to chowh1. Although the streamer has 425,813 followers, he ranked as the 8th most watched French channel. Additionally, chowh1 holds the place as the most watched French CoD Warzone channel on Twitch.

Twitch ranked Swagg 3rd in October when it comes to viewer hours. Currently, his channel has 1.8 million followers and he holds the rank of the 53rd most watched English channel.

Aydan Takes 1st, Recrent Takes 2nd Place

On the other hand, Recrent ranked 2nd with 2.2 million CoD Warzone viewer hours last month. He has 613,717 followers currently and has ranked as the most watched Russian CoD Warzone Channel. Moreover, the streamer’s channel ranked as the 3rd most watched Russian channel as well.

Undoubtedly, Aydan solidified his presence in October, reaching 2,250,551 viewer hours. So far, he has 2.6 million followers and his channel is the 39th most watched English channel on Twitch.

Swagg Leads with Peak Viewers in October 2021

Focusing on peak views, we do see a bit of a different ranking. Twitch ranked Doritos 5th last month with 19,884 peak viewers. The fourth place was taken by TeePee with 20,054 viewers last month, followed by Recrent who ranked 3rd with 20,639 viewers.

Not unexpectedly, Aydan ranked 2nd with 29,077 viewers in October. While last month Swagg ranked 3rd when it comes to viewership hours, in terms of peak viewers he ranked first. In October, Swagg’s record for peak viewers hit 30,790.

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