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Published: September 16, 2021

Written by: David

  • During the WSOW solo competition, streamer Lenun’s mother interrupted with words of encouragement
  • A bit disgruntled, Lenun shouted back, telling her that the game has $100K on the line
  • Although some people thought Lenun was disrespectful, he clarified that this was just a harmless family banter

During a $100K Call of Duty: Warzone game, streamer Lenun got interrupted by his mother who wanted to encourage him.

Lenun’s Mother Encourages him During the WSOW

In a pretty heartwarming show of affection, the mother of professional player Lennon “Lenun” came to encourage him mid-game.

This happening was captured on-camera as Lenun was streaming at the time. It was during the recent World Series of Warzone European solos competition where 150 players played against one another in a heated battle royale match. The stakes were high as there was a prize pool of $100K reserved only for the winner of the event.

With such pressure in mind, it is no surprise that Lenun was really on edge at the time. The player was streaming his experience on Twitch and was busy guarding a ladder, prepared to shoot any enemy that comes in sight.

That’s when Lenun’s mother came into the picture with an endearing show of encouragement.

“Trust your gut, Len!” Lenun’s mother shouted across the room, outside of the camera’s viewpoint.

Fearing Distractions, Lenun Shouts Back

Startled, Lenun immediately told her to leave him alone, as many gamers do when interrupted during an online game. The professional gamer grumpily reminded his mother that this is a professional online game with a hefty amount of money on the line.

 “I’m in a solos. It’s for hundred-f*cking-k this! Close the door… F*cking hell,” Lenun shouted back.

Although this happening was largely considered as a harmless and wholesome quarrel between a caring mother and a nervous gamer son, some people were a bit concerned with Lenun’s way of handling the situation.

In the comments, several people pointed out that Lenun’s treatment wasn’t exactly fair as his mother was only trying to encourage him. Some even went as far as considering the streamer’s use of vocabulary to be flat-out abusive and disrespectful.

To calm down people Lenun responded to the video clip and explained that he actually has a very good relationship with his mother. He elaborated that the way he snapped back bore no real ill intention and was just a good old family banter.

Many gamers, professional and casual alike have been in similar situations, so there is little reason to doubt Lenun’s words. Video games, especially when played professionally tend to be highly competitive.

As for Lenun, sadly, he didn’t end up winning the competition, so maybe the next time he can get some more encouragement.

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