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Published: June 9, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Leaks suggest the 2009 MW2 rework game will have a map editing feature
  • Players will be able to adjust spawn points, objectives, remove clutter, etc.
  • The maps might be subject to a reviewing process by the game’s developers

As the reveal of Modern Warfare II is closing in, more leaks surface suggesting the game might feature a map editor, never before seen in CoD titles.

Map Editor Coming to MWII, Leaks Say

The remake of CoD: Modern Warfare 2, perhaps the most critically acclaimed title of the popular shooter franchise, is one of the most anticipated games of this year. The aptly named Modern Warfare II with roman numerals, to distinguish it from the original, is being hyped by the studio with new info updates and the occasional trailer featuring TimTheTatman.

However, various leaks are also adding to the hype surrounding the game and according to the latest one, MWII might feature a map editing feature. If the information provided by industry insider Ralph Valve is correct, MWII will become the first ever CoD title to have such a feature.

Fans have wanted a similar feature for many years, but the devs have never implemented anything like this. The closest thing the community has are third-party mods, which are limited to PC.

“Now, both Infinity Ward and Treyarch have plans with producing a community-led effort, incorporating an offline mode equipping players with the necessary tools for blocking out, mapping, and editing an already existing map,” according to Ralph Valve.

The Importance of Classic CoD Maps and This Feature

Maps have become somewhat synonymous with a CoD title, as one can often easily understand what game is being discussed when they hear the names of some of its most iconic in-game locations. CoD developers understand this and are eager to please fans in upcoming titles. According to another industry insider, Tom Henderson, several maps from the original MW2 will be featured in Warzone 2, which is currently in development parallel to MWII.

It is clear that developer Infinity Ward sees the significance of well-liked maps and wants to allow players to easily mod them. According to Ralph Valve’s report, players will be able to adjust spawn points and objectives, remove clutter, and change the basic appearance of many classic MW2 maps.

However, these new maps will apparently be subject to approval. It’s presumed the devs will approve projects by subjecting them to review, and then allowing them to go live after passing review. It is still unknown how the wider player community will gain access to a creator’s map if it’s not approved by the developers.

Not much is known about the feature, but it’s highly likely fans will learn more about it at the upcoming Summer Games Fest reveal on June 9.

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