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Published: September 15, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Infinity Ward is reportedly creating a sequel to 2019’s Modern Warfare
  • The news is confirmed by Tom Henderson, referencing a GeForce Now data
  • US special ops will most likely face off against Columbian drug cartels

Call of Duty fans better lock and load because a Modern Warfare sequel could be making a return in 2022.

Modern Warfare Resuscitated in Columbian Drug Wars

For those of you who enjoyed Call of Duty Modern Warfare, 2022 may finally bring a reiteration of the game, or rather a sequel to the 2019 warfare hit. Several reports have surfaced that the next chapter in the Call of Duty series will resurrect Gaz, Ghost, and Captain Price as some of the franchise’s most memorable heroes.

As the news spread, some issues began to surface as well. Skeptics drew attention to previous problems with Modern Warfare, such as the doors, tactical sprint, and even the basic multiplayer of the game. For a game that tries to be competitive, multiplayer should really be an important stepping-stone, and Modern Warfare’s was a little clunky, fans remember.

Yet, gaming industry insider Tom Henderson feels fairly confident that things will be alright. The 2022 Call of Duty title should be a sequel to the original and may just be called Modern Warfare 2, Henderson explained.

According to him, the game is dubbed “Project Cortez” and it will most likely be taken up by the guys at Infinity Ward who are looking to recreate the original experience once again. The storyline is still not determined, but Henderson’s statements make a lot of sense in light of the data mined from GeForce Now which suggests that Activision Blizzard and Infinity are teaming up for another Call of Duty chapter.

Actually, this is not too surprising. Most of the Call of Duty games have been leaked or speculated about and fans had a fairly good idea of what to expect even prior to a new announcement. Henderson though believes that Project Cortez could resuscitate the conflict between US overseas agents and Columbian drug cartels.

As speculation continues to wash over channels, a confirmation for the game will not come until mid-next-year at the very least. It’s possible that fans will be able to unearth more evidence that fleshes out the story a little more.

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