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Published: October 31, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Modern Warfare II still has many issues and glitches
  • Thousands have been complaining about being banned for no reason
  • Infinity Ward has yet to release an official statement

Another week, another major bug pops up in Call of Duty Modern Warfare II, this time banning players who have not done anything against the rules.

Bug Bans Players for No Reason

Modern Warfare II’s launch was a great success in terms of the large influx of players. Ever since Infinity Ward released the game’s single-player campaign early on October 20, thousands of Call of Duty fans have played the game in preparation for the full release. But as they entered multiplayer lobbies, many fans started encountering a ton of issues.

Most games often have teething issues, but normally, these aren’t that bad, as the game’s developer usually catches the biggest problems ahead of the game’s release. MWII, however, seems to have a bit more issues than usual. Fans have been complaining about various problems since launch day. These range from excessive lag, to sudden game crashes, to players being unable to turn off cross-play.  

Although Infinity Ward is putting up fixes, problems still persist, and now players are complaining about being banned for no reason. 

Thousand Are Complaining

“There is a serious false ban problem going around for CoD MW2,” wrote esports news reporter and Youtuber Jake Lucky “people being perma banned for cheating and appeals insta denied.” He asked his followers on Twitter to send him information about the cases and so many responded that he later asked them to stop DMing him. 

It’s not an easy way to figure out which bans are real and which are not. Players would sometimes cheat or do other illegal things, get banned, and then say it’s some kind of error. However, the sheer number of cases currently points to some kind of problem with the RICOCHET system, or some other kind of game bug.

The RICOCHET system is a very successful anti-cheat program that was implemented in CoD: Warzone. It greatly helped clean up that game, which was plagued by hackers, and so Infinity Ward put it in MWII as well. 

Yet, reports of false bans still arrive, not only on Twitter. Many have taken to Reddit to explain their situation and try to find a solution. “I’m kind of afraid to even play the game now with how common these false bans are,” one player wrote.” Left and right I see people getting banned for no reason.”

Although complaints keep popping up, Infinity Ward is yet to release an official statement on the matter.

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