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Published: September 1, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Call of Duty Warzone hacker continues to disrupt the game’s balance by streaming their exploits
  • The community has been in an uproar calling on Activision to take action against the cheater
  • Hacking has been a rampant issue for the game which promises to fix things with the arrival of Vanguard

A cheeky hacker who has been streaming his (or her) exploits of Warzone on TikTok is ruffling players’ feathers.

Look at Me Stream Warzone Hacks

The scourge of cheaters is an everyday occurrence in Call of Duty: Warzone, much to the chagrin of players who love the game and want to enjoy it. Yet, while people can stomach the chance meetings with hackers, they certainly can’t stand for a streamer who has been showing off his hacking on air and has not suffered any consequences.

Numerous players have decided to take some time off from Warzone, including NICKMERCS and CouRage, because of what they have described as the unbearable level of cheating across the entire game. Sure, the news that Call of Duty: Vanguard would introduce a new anti-cheat system has been a sort of palliative, but the truth is the game needs an emergency treatment right now.

Activision has been painfully slow to act, fans argue, and in the case of a streamer who repeatedly jumps on TikTok to laugh in the face of the community – the insult is doubly unacceptable. The streamer is not shy to use an arsenal of hacks that put everyday soldiers at a significant disadvantage, with wallhacks, speeding, and other mischievous tools on his side.

Report Me and See If Anyone Cares

Many players have tried reporting the culprit, but this seems to just not be doing any good and so, players went out on Twitter in droves, tagging Activision and the Call of Duty official channels a bringing to their attention RageGaming4Fun, the TikTok user that has been completely smashing it.

A torrent of tweets tried to draw the company’s attention. Some even challenged Activision’s claim that it has been banning accounts, referencing the recent ban waves in the game, with some 60,000 accounts sinking in August.

If those accounts were banned, why Activision couldn’t ban the cheeky TikTok cheater, the community asked. Surely, Activation is going to catch up and smash the TikToker, but the fact it has taken so long is another reason for the community to simply not be happy with the current state of the game and ask for big improvements instead.

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