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Published: September 23, 2021

Written by: David

  • FaZe’s content creator Jev has spoken about his beta experience with Vanguard beta
  • He is absolutely convinced that the title surpasses everything Modern Warfare had to offer
  • Jev is sure that Vanguard will be a better addition to the Call of Duty franchise

FaZe Clan content creator Jev revealed that he’s liked his Call of Duty: Vanguard beta experience and believes it’s going to be a better game than Modern Warfare ever was.

Vanguard to Surpass Modern Warfare

Call of Duty fans can get excited as the franchise’s next iteration, Call of Duty: Vanguard, seems to be promising. According to FaZe Clan’s content creator Jev, who played the beta, it’s far better than Modern Warfare ever was.  

The comparison with Modern Warfare doesn’t seem random. The 2019 title is one of the most successful titles but it has had a fair share of controversies surrounding some gameplay decisions. If Vanguard is, in Jev’s words, better, it is likely that the new title will polish out the things that fans didn’t quite like, while taking the ones that they did even further.

 “With four maps and less than 20 weapons available, this multiplayer experience is better than Modern Warfare’s multiplayer experience,” Jev said.

When comparing the two titles, Jev noted that there are some issues in Vanguard like getting spawned amid an active warzone on top of the game still having only a few maps and a bunch of weapons. Yet, to him, even the bad spawns are preferable to having to walk all the way back to the fight as it was in Modern Warfare.

“Design-wise it blows it out of the water,” Jev elaborated. “It’s not even close. This game (Vanguard), even with terrible spawns and all the s**t that’s going on with it, the terrible spawns still literally make it a better game. I would rather get spawned into gunfire than have my character get spawned across the map every single time I die to someone just sitting in a window. That’s all Modern Warfare was.”

Fans Excited for the New Franchise Release

Jev’s words are definitely a relief for fans of the franchise. Many had speculated that the years of Call of Duty titles would be reflected on Vanguard and that it would be an improvement to the series but with some of the issues CoD titles had been facing, they didn’t want to get unnecessarily hyped.

Modern Warfare definitely had some questionable decisions that could have seen more work. Many, including Jev, didn’t like that season a whole and are glad to see it over.

Additionally, fans are eager to see Vanguard on the market because it will finally have an integrated anti-cheat engine. Call of Duty, especially Warzone, has had some severe problems with fraudulent in-game activity that has alienated a part of the CoD fans and content creators.

With the release of Vanguard on November 5, the anti-cheat engine will be also added to Warzone, finally providing a more stable solution to the cheating issues on top of other anti-cheat actions. That, in itself, is also a huge reason why many of the Call of Duty fans are looking forward to Vanguard’s release. Jev’s favorable opinion of the new title is something that boosts the hype even more.

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