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Published: September 20, 2021

Written by: David

  • CoD: Vanguard serves justice to previous wrongdoers
  • Cheaters in Warzone can’t play Vanguard
  • Activision is getting tougher on cheaters

Call of Duty cheaters should rue the day they chose to switch on their hacks as Warzone fraudsters won’t be able to play Vanguard as well.

Activision Shows No Mercy in Suspending Cheating Accounts

Just when they thought they could make amends, Call of Duty cheaters are in for a bitter disappointment. Activision has no intention of giving wrongdoers in Warzone a second chance in Vanguard with those who have cheated their way in the previous iteration of the game unable to connect with Vanguard’s beta servers.

Tough luck for those who have thought that ruining everybody else’s experience is the best way to have fun. Similar to the VAC system used by Valve, cheaters are in for a bitter disappointment as the powers that may know who has played unfairly.

As Call of Duty: Warzone started rolling in hardware and account bans, the same penalties will now apply to Call of Duty: Vanguard preemptively. Raven Software has confirmed that hardware bans will be used to cull the ranks of cheaters, and offenders should seek no sympathy with developers.

A game that is played by millions of players has a huge interest in only letting those who play square and fair access its servers, and any associated products, and this is precisely what the Call of Duty franchise is doing as a whole.

Justice Has Been Served – Twice

The hardware bans were a welcome addition to the measures Activision vowed to take in order to stop cheaters from ruining the experience. As Call of Duty: Vanguard is drawing closer to release on November 5, those who have been suspended from play can still appeal the decision but chances are the system has made no mistake.  

Other anti-cheat systems, such as Valorant’s “Vanguard” and Valve’s “VAC” is unapologetic. If your account gets suspended, you are out, but this is the first time someone has pursued cheaters across an entire franchise. This is a good step towards discouraging people from taking up such practices, and if you have done others wrong through cheating, it’s a just punishment.

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