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Published: March 14, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Modern Warfare 3 is currently the most-viewed game on Twitch
  • This popularity is supersizing, considering the game is already over a decade old
  • A tournament organized by a Spanish streamer may be the reason for MW3’s popularity

With over 400K concurrent viewers, Modern Warfare 3 is making a comeback on Twitch, becoming the top-watched game on the platform currently.

MW3 Dominating Twitch Charts

By this point, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is more than a decade old, but is still considered one of the best games from the franchise. With a large and loyal player base, it still enjoys massive online popularity. However, one may be surprised to find out MW3 is not only in the top 10 most-watched games on Twitch, but it is actually dominating the platform, and nobody knows why.

With over 400 000 viewers, MW3 is the top most-watched game in Twitch as of the writing of this article. The reasons for this are not exactly clear, but the fact that there will be no new CoD game this year may be a factor in MW3’s renewed interest. After all, what can fans do when they do not have a new game to be hyped for but to go back to a true and tested title instead.

Why Is mw3 So Popular Right Now?

With many modern Call of Duty titles like Warzone present, one might wonder why Modern Warfare 3, a game that is well over a decade old now, is dominating Twitch charts. Well, it is perhaps the fact that it IS old that contributes massively to this phenomenon.

It turns out that a Spanish streamer by the name of IlloJuan is at least partly to “blame” for MW3’s sudden resurgence on Twitch. The content creator hosted a massive throwback tournament with names like Ibai, TheGrefg, and other popular streamers taking part in the event.

The tournament does not have any high stakes and is just a friendly throwback to another era of CoD games. And one does not have to look too hard to see why it attracts many viewers, considering all participating streamers have huge followings:

  • Rubius – 11.4M followers
  • ibai – 9.6M followers
  • TheGrefg – 9.6M followers
  • elxokas – 2.9M followers
  • IlloJuan – 1.7M followers
  • bysTaXx – 1.7M followers

Of course, these are just the most popular faces of the Spanish-speaking Twitch community, but many other streamers are participating in the online event. Interestingly, MW3’s viewership surpasses even games like Elden Ring, which is very popular currently.

With its over 400K viewers, Modern Warfare has surpassed the 330K viewership of the current CoD title, Vanguard, proving it is still a relevant game over ten years after its release.

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