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Published: April 15, 2021

Written by: Kyamil Nasuf

  • Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship reveals a $2 million prize pool to be distributed across the playoffs and finals
  • There will be a total of five stages of the competition, beginning with Solo Play and culminating in the World Championship Finals
  • More details about the event are still forthcoming 

Activision is making a serious commitment to Call of Duty: Mobile with the World Championship event featuring a sizable $2 million prize pool.  

Activision Reveals Details for Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship

The Call of Duty: Mobile World Championship (CODMWC) is back with a hefty prize pool worth $2 million. Held in collaboration with Sony in 2021, this is Activision’s way of reaffirming that it has not given on the mobile segment, and if anything, it will look to develop it even further.

The championship will run in open in-game qualifiers where the top players will be able to advance to the more cut-throat stages of the competition, leading directly into the 2021 World Championship Finals

To help build up the hype for CODMWC, Activision has launched a YouTube channel to keep the community apprised of the latest developments and drop a few compelling video updates. 

So far, the competition seems to be all-encompassing in nature, offering numerous opportunities to go from a recreational player to one of the best competitors worldwide. Activision has split the competitive format into five stages, including:

  • Solo Play
  • Team Play
  • Regional Qualifiers
  • Regional Playoffs
  • Finals

Format, Requirements, Progression

Activision is going for a “crucible” style of play where the community will have to figure out the kinks on the fly. The first stage is played as “Solo Play,” where players will participate in four weekends during which they have to get to at least 60 points in 10 ranked matches. Those who succeed will make it to the next stage.

There will be various incentives for players to test their competitive mettle as Activision has designed unique in-game rewards to encourage participation. The second stage of the competition is “Team Play.”

Once in the second stage, players will have to form teams and play across 30 ranked matches. The top 256 teams from each region will then make it to the third stage, known as “Regional Qualifiers.”

From this point on, the competition will grow far more cut-throat with teams vying for a spot in the regional playoffs, which is neither easy nor simple. To get there, the teams will have to place in the top spot of their assigned brackets before they can make it to the fourth stage, the “Regional Playoffs.” 

The winner of each playoff will then get to stage five, the “World Championship Finals.” The event will be held at the end of the year, but the exact numbers who will participate in the event haven’t been revealed yet.

Prize Pool Distribution

Activision will team up with various local partners who can set up their own prize pools. As to the $2 million allocated for the competition, the money will be distributed across the playoffs and finals. 

Earlier this week, the Call of Duty League (CDL) announced some exciting news with the anticipated return of live events. More details about both the CDL and CDMWC are forthcoming. 

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