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Published: November 1, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • The CDL is implementing some changes regarding weapon blueprints and jerseys
  • Organizations will have a lot more freedom in the design
  • The new aesthetics are expected to come in Spring 2023

Call of Duty League viewers will finally have more unique merchandise from their favorite CoD franchises. 

CDL Is Implementing Changes

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II’s multiplayer has been released for a few days now and hundreds of thousands of players are flocking in to relive earlier memories of the most popular CoD game of all times. The game has had a somewhat mixed reception, as it’s been plagued by tons of bugs. But as fans are waiting for the game’s issues to be fixed, they might be happy to hear that their favorite Call of Duty League teams will be designing their own weapon blueprints for MWII.

The league had always released designs for its teams, but it has also often come under criticism for what many have deemed lackluster designs or for not allowing the organizations themselves to work on the camos. This was the case when the CDL camos in Modern Warfare 2 were leaked by dataminers. They showed designs somewhat similar design to those in Vanguard, prompting the fans to blast the CDL for lack of creativity. 

However, it seems this might not be an issue anymore, as according to Dexerto’s sources, the CDL will allow teams to design their own blueprints, set to launch in 2023. 

More Unique Designs Are Coming to the CDL

Currently, it is still unknown which weapons would get their own blueprints, but a popular theory states that teams will vote on which gun gets the blueprints. After this is decided, teams will design cosmetics for the same weapon. The new blueprints are set to come in spring 2023, which means they won’t come with the launch of Season 2 of the game, which is expected to be around mid-January.

Dexerto’s sources also say that franchises within the CDL will be designing their own new jerseys for this year. They will enjoy full creative freedom when it comes to creating their game-day attire, instead of following a template as has happened in previous years. This decision by the CDL will give fans much more variety of designs than in the last three years, and esports organizations will be able to more easily sell better and more unique merchandise.

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