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Published: January 12, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • The CDL’s general manager talks about the community’s concerns over the 2022 season
  • The organization decided to return to the tried and tested 12-team format
  • Many balance and playability changes are coming to Vanguard

For the first time in its history, the Call of Duty League published a community update video. This was spurred on due to the concerns many fans expressed.

The CDL Posts an Update

On January 11, the General Manager of the Call of Duty League (CDL), Daniel Tsay, published an update video (a first for the League) addressing the concerns many players and fans have about this year’s season. Things Tsay talked about included the season’s late start date, as well as the rumors that Warzone was considered as a third game mode for official matches.

Among the chief concerns were rumors that the CDL might adopt an eight-team format. The League previously planned to host its tournaments like this, but fans protested, leading to the CDL bringing back the 12-team format. The initial idea, according to Tsay, was to have fewer matches, but make each one more meaningful.

What Else Must Fans Know About?

As well as an update video, the Call of Duty League also maid a detailed blog post about the changes. It reveals details about the format, the schedule for online matches this year. The post also confirms Control as the third game mode, as well as talks about the major patch coming to Vanguard. Silent Plant in Search and Destroy are disabled, but Destructible environments are enabled. The post also goes into detail about other events this year.

It seems the Call of Duty League aims to be more transparent. They have quickly reacted to concerns raised by the fandom. As well as doing a lot of weapon rebalancing, Vanguard’s update will also bring changes to Control, and also fix many competitive bugs. Daniel Tsay specifically mentioned the spawns and Control progress bar as the main issues being fixed. Search and Destroy will become easier to play with Silent Plant being enabled. There will also be the possibility of removing destructible environments. This means that breakable doors and windows could be turned off in private matches.

The first event of the year will be the 2022 Kickoff Classic, for which the CDL recently released information. After that event, each Major will have 12 teams, with qualifiers being three weeks long and held online. As stated in the blog post, the matches will be set ahead of time. Despite the many changes, the league has reverted to the Major bracket format from last year, which means the bottom four teams start in the loser’s bracket.

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