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Published: August 12, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Raven Software has reported banning 50,000 accounts for various offenses
  • The company has long been trying to deal with the persistent danger that cheaters pose
  • Despite Raven Software and Activision’s efforts, it seems like eliminating cheating completely might be impossible

Raven Software made a promise to continue working hard against cheaters amidst the ban wave announcement. 

Yet Another Ban Wave Unleashed on CoD Warzone

Raven Software, a primary developer of the Call of Duty series, has announced that yet another ban sweep has taken place. This time the company reports that over 50,000 accounts have been banned from Call of Duty Warzone because of various offenses. 

This is one of several Call of Duty purges that have taken place in recent times and likely not the last as cheating continues to be a significant problem. In May, Raven Software reported banning over half a million cheating accounts had been banned since the game’s release in March 2020. 

Following that, Activision leads the efforts in discontinuing toxic behavior in the game. Over 350,000 accounts got banned as language filters that support 11 languages had been introduced. 

However, cheating is much harder to detect automatically and even harder to restrict. In April, Activision confirmed that it is issuing hardware bans to big-time offenders, but it would seem that either a dedicated wrongdoer can find a way around that or that there are far too many people that resort to cheating in the first place. 

The Cheating Menace: A Persistent Problem 

It seems like cheaters are especially persistent. Even with all the efforts on Raven Software and Activision’s side, more and more cheaters continue to plague the game. However, it is early to give up. Raven Software said in the release that it is breaking a sweat in searching for a way to limit cheaters’ impact on the game. 

It is important for Raven Software to act now as some notable Call of Duty: Warzone players have been migrating to Apex Legends and, by extension, motivating their viewers to do the same. 

Even though statistics say that Call of Duty: Warzone is raking $5,2 million in daily profits, it will be for the best if the responsible companies manage to at least lower the number of cheaters and create a healthier and more stable community. 

Perhaps Raven Software has something in mind. We are yet to see what further actions the company will take. 

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