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Published: January 8, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • Allycxt reveals she is joining going to be a caster for the CDL
  • She is excited and amazed to have this opportunity
  • The CDL might change back to a 12-team format

Alyssa “Allycxt” Parker recently announced she will become a part of the Call of Duty League broadcasting team for the 2022 season.

The Call of Duty League Has a New Caster

Alyssa “Allycxt” Parker is a popular content creator and professional Call of Duty player. She has recently shared that she will be joining the broadcasting team for this year’s Call of Duty League. She has a rich history as a commenter, starting back in 2019. Then she commented at the CWL Anaheim Open, and soon after she joined the broadcast team for the 2019 CWL Championship.

Since then, she’s done work with Sean “Spaceman” Rogers and Rondez “Fox” Green, broadcasting in the Challengers scene. Most recently, in 2021 Allycxt cast the 2021 Call of Duty Mobile World Championship.

In an interview for Dot Esports, Allycxt said that she is still in somewhat disbelief of the situation. “I never would’ve imagined myself in this position, and I am extremely grateful for the opportunity,” she said. Allycxt explains that one month she was just someone competing in an open bracket LAN, and then next month she was casting.

The Call of Duty League and Allycxt’s New Job

In December 2021, the CDL unveiled its plans for the 2022 season. There would be only four Major events throughout the year but each one will host only eight of the teams. Each of those four events would be hosted by one of the franchises and, according to rumors, if the host happens to fail to qualify for the event, it would be able to challenge the eight-seed for their spot.

This caused both pro players and fans to protest, raising many concerns about the format. If the CDL goes through with this format, many teams will have very limited exposure. The organizations also say that this format is unfair because it will decrease the value of the regular-season matches.

However, according to rumors, the Call of Duty league has heeded fans’ concerns, deciding to return to the 12-team format. Allycxt also had something to say about the CDL, explaining that in the past two years the community grew in her. “I couldn’t be more excited for the upcoming season and truly want to go above and beyond with what I can bring to the CDL and Challengers,” she said.

It’s still unknown who the rest of the members of the CDL broadcast team will be. There’s a possibility that more pros will step down for competition to instead commentate. The Call of Duty League Kickoff Classic will begin on Jan. 21.

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