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Published: March 16, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • XSET members have scheduled a charity event for Ukrainian refugees on March 17
  • However, tournament organizer eFuse scheduled a competition coinciding with it
  • This has raised fans’ concerns and criticism

Activision came under flack for scheduling a tournament during the same day as an already-announced Warzone charity event. The Warzone social team responds to criticism.

CoD Community Slams eFuse

Call of Duty: Warzone is once again in the drama spotlight, this time for the bizarre reason of bad scheduling. A few days ago, creators from XSET announced they will be holding a $5,000 charity tournament set for March 17. The event’s goal was to gather donations for the World Central Kitchen, which is currently in Ukraine feeding refugees. Many other content creators and pro players have donated to humanitarian charities helping Ukraine.

However, two days before the planned event on March 15, eFuse announced a $40,000 St. Patty’s Plunder Party for the exact same day. This rustled some Jimmies with fans criticizing Warzone’s team for scheduling the event the same day.

NuMbeR1Girl, one of XSET’s members was one of the first to react to St. Patty’s announcement. Replying to eFuse with a disappointed “cmon guys”, she spurred on other CoD fans to ask the tournament organizers about the inconvenience of the date.

Some of the others who chimed in wrote comments like “it never fails there’s a charity tourney and someone wants to host their own on the same date.” Others pointed out this has happened before: “4th or 5th time I’ve seen this happen. Ridiculous.”

The Organizer Responds to Criticism

All of these comments were, fortunately, heard by the Warzone event organizers. Two of the CoD team’s influencer relations team reacted to the backlash on Twitter. Shaniece explained the Warzone team would not hinder a charity event on purpose, as these events are planned far in advance. This was just a misfortunate coincidence.

Another influencer, Ashley Wise, explained that those who aren’t tapped into Activision’s scheduling process “will risk being counter-programmed.” She elaborated that “all events should be approved by Activision,” meaning that any tournament organizer can work with the company to schedule safely.

The CoD team expressed that the event was not scheduled to coincide with the charity event on purpose. The influencers explained that this was planned many months before the charity stream. “We are working WITH you,” wrote Shaniece.

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