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Published: October 19, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Sean Rogers reports that Activate Entertainment hasn’t paid the salaries of several freelances involved in the Huskerrs Howl Call of Duty: Warzone tournament
  • According to Rogers, the company has zero communication with the workers
  • He pointed out that seems that Activate Entertainment have the bad habit of only paying people once they start reaching out

Activate Entertainment has reportedly withheld the payment of dozens of freelances for over five months. 

Activate Entertainment Hasn’t Paid its Freelances

According to reports, broadcasting and media production company Activate Entertainment has not paid salaries to some of the freelance workers that made the Huskerrs Howl Call of Duty: Warzone tournament possible.

The reports come from the workers themselves. The disgruntled freelances explain that ever since the tournament held place, Activate Entertainment has refused to send them their wages. The Huskerrs Howl Call of Duty: Warzone tournament took place in May, meaning those workers have gone unpaid for five months now.

One of those freelances, the caster Sean “Spaceman” Rogers, raised his voice to speak on the matter. According to him, there’s been “zero communication” with Activate Entertainment as the latter company has ignored the workers’ pleas to get paid.

“You’re holding us freelancers financially hostage and it needs to end, now,” Rogers proclaimed in his tweet. 

Rogers regrets having to make the drama public on Twitter but he feels as he has no other options left. He claims that Activate Entertainment owes him over $2,000.

“I have no idea what else to do, I’ve emailed numerous times with invoices and updated invoices asking if there’s anything else I need to provide. But I’m not even worried about me, what about the other NUMEROUS upcoming talent that hasn’t been paid? They need these funds badly,” the caster said.

Activate Entertainment Has Yet to Address the Situation

According to reports, Activate Entertainment’s independent contractor agreement states that the company will pay its workers within 60 days of the invoice submission. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case in Rogers’ situation.

To top it, a few hours after Rogers went public, Activate Entertainment has allegedly contacted him and sent him a part of what he’s owed. Yet, the company is still largely silent and hasn’t publicly spoken about the caster’s claims and whether they are correct or not.

In an interview with news outlet Upcomer, Rogers explained that this seems to be a usual thing for esports freelances. According to him, Activate Entertainment would usually pay in several portions when workers reach out several times. Rogers isn’t happy with this state of affairs and urged Activate Entertainment to contact all other freelances who are still waiting to receive their payments, instead of waiting for them to come and ask for their money.

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