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Published: May 23, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Blizzard announced it’s cutting a lot of the much-anticipated PvE content
  • This did not go down well with the fan base at all
  • Content creators have started criticizing Blizzard for the way they served the news

Popular Overwatch content creator Your Overwatch, along with others, accused Blizzard of “gaslighting” players the devs are working hard on the PvE content.

Blizzard is Accused

By this point, many people know about Overwatch’s many ups and downs, and it seems the game is descending once again. This time the title’s troubles revolve around the much-anticipated PvE content that Blizzard has been promising the fan base since 2019. But more than half a year after the game transitioned to Overwatch 2, players who want PvE content have been left empty-handed.

There has recently been development on the matter, but not in the way that many fans wanted. Blizzard has finally announced that the game mode is coming to the game soon, but Overwatch 2’s PvE content would be severely scaled back. Naturally, this did not sit well with players, with them criticizing Blizzard for lack of investment into the popular hero shooter. 

The backlash forced Jared Neuss, Executive Producer for Overwatch 2, to take to Twitter to shut down rumors that the scale-back was tied to Blizzard’s RTO policy. However, this was not taken to heart by the community and now even popular Overwatch content creators are blasting the company bout its decisions and the way it’s handling the situation.

Your Overwatch, a popular content creator, recently made a video criticizing Blizzard about how they’ve been proceeding recently and even saying the company lied to its fans. “Aaron Keller admitted that they knew they were not going to be doing the full-fledged replayable RPG Missions before they launched Overwatch 2 they knew that,” the content creator said. “It’s a lie by omission, and they are trying to gaslight us into believing PVE is the same when they canceled the replayable part.”

The popular Overwatch content creator also explained that he thinks a lot of these problems are due to management issues that the company is having. However, he said he will explore this in a future video.

It seems that the comments under Your Overwatch’s video agree with him, with many of the viewers claiming they feel “insulted” by the tone the company used to speak out to the community. “Honestly so insulting to be told, “No you don’t understand it. This was really hard for us. We lied to you for 4 years, but we’re still promising other stuff!” What a joke,“ one comment reads. “The fact they didn’t tell us before the game came out when they made the decision to stop most of PVE is the unforgivable part,” does another one. 

Whatever the reason for Blizzard cutting a lot of the PvE content is, it’s clear that the way they served the information to the fan base did not go down well with the players.

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