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Published: September 5, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • BG3 has seen huge success in just over a month since it launched on PC
  • The game’s director teased he is already thinking about Larian Studios’ next title
  • Before that is revealed, he plans on taking a break to further develop the idea

While fans are awaiting the PS5 launch of the already super popular Baldur’s Gate 3, the game’s devs revealed they are thinking of what game to make next.

Developer Teases Plans for a Future Title

Without a doubt, Baldur’s Gate 3 has quickly become one of the most successful RPGs in recent history. The game’s PC launch was a huge success with millions of fans around the world praising it for its complex lore, varied quests, fun gameplay, and the many different pathways they can take the story to.

Over the past month, Baldur’s Gate 3 has broken many records and has gathered almost 900 000 concurrent players, according to Steam Charts. All of this sets the stage for a big expansion of its player vase, as the game is set to launch on PS5 very soon.

This has prompted the title’s director, Swen Vincke, to say that he is essentially “done” with the game. In a recent interview posted on the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel, explained that while the team would handle post-release patches, he would soon start work on something completely different.

“You’re actually asking me about my next game, so I’m not going to answer that,” Vincke replied cryptically when interviewer Todd Kenreck asked Vincke what works of fiction inspired him. “The PS5 version is shipping, we’ve just uploaded it, so I’m done,” the game dev explained. “I’m going to move on to the next game.”

As mentioned before, Vincke reassured the interviewer and the fans that work on BG3 will not stop and that the team will support the game. “Fans will come to us and they will say ‘We need this, this, and this’. That’s all coming but it will be the team who delivers it,” he explained. So it’s safe to say that any bugs and issues that may still arise with such a big and complicated title, will be ironed out in the near future.

Vincke also said that he plans on taking some time off, which is understandable, considering how much work has gone into Baldur’s Gate 3. That being said, the game dev won’t stay idle for too long as he explained he will be thinking hard about the next title he’ll be working on. “You’ve been working towards this thing and then it’s like ‘Hey I’ve reached this point, now what?’ and so you have to start again,” Vincke elaborated.

Fans are already starting to get hyped by the idea of a potential new game from Larian Studios, with some of them discussing what kind of title it would be. Vincke said he had a passion for fantasy and sci-fi but was very “picky” about his entertainment, so if there are any clues, it’s that the next game might be from one of these two genres.

But until we hear more from Larian Studios, fans will just have to speculate while being immersed in Baldur’s Gate 3’s rich world.

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