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Published: September 13, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Asmongold was asked by a fan during a stream how he feels about Reckful unironically
  • The famous streamer acknowledged that he has had mental challenges before but he wouldn’t hurt himself
  • Asmongold received great support from his fans and assured them that he wants to continue streaming and having fun

During a stream last week, Asmongold revealed that he has had thoughts of suicide before, but assured his fans that he wouldn’t do such a thing. Acknowledging that he wants to continue streaming and having fun, Asmongold said he will be fine and won’t be going anywhere.

Asmongold Reveals during a Stream That He Has Had Suicidal Thoughts

Near the end of last month, Asmongold, the American Twitch streamer and YouTuber took a small break from streaming after sharing that he left “really weird.” On Twitter, he outlined that he had to make “some changes and stuff” and revealed to his fans that he will discuss those upon returning.

In a recent stream on Saturday last week, Asmongold shared with his viewers what are his thoughts on suicide. This happened after a user made a donation and asked “Do you ever feel how Reckful felt unironically?” The user was referring to Byron “Reckful” Bernstein, a famous Twitch streamer that unfortunately took his own life last year. Although Reckful was incredibly popular, he was struggling with mental health issues which ultimately resulted in him taking his life.

Asmongold’s fans were initially concerned by his response, but the streamer assured them that he wouldn’t do anything like Reckful. He outlined that he wanted to kill himself many times but assured them that he wouldn’t go ahead and actually do it. After that, he said: “What a f***ing segue.

Although Asmongold reaffirmed that he has had such bad thoughts, he told his fans not to worry about this and that he will be fine and won’t be “going anywhere.” Additionally, Asmongold said that he wants to continue streaming, having fun and relaxing, instead of a “bunch of crazy bulls***t” or a “bunch of weird showmanship.

Upon hearing his words, Asmongold’s fans immediately showed support for him. Additionally, he acknowledged that the topic of mental health was something that he wanted to discuss with his fans for some time.

Undoubtedly, streaming online is not as easy as most people may think it is. This is why Asmongold is probably not the only streamer that has had bad thoughts at some point in his life. More importantly, he reassured the community that he can go through the difficulties and continue doing what he likes. Moreover, the support of the community is there as many fans showed that they are concerned for Asmongold.

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