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Published: September 3, 2021

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Asmongold revealed he had been declined an exclusive contract by Twitch
  • The streamer laid down several reasons why the platform has decided so
  • Most of all, he believes, it is because of the regular breaks he is taking

Asmongold announced that Twitch has refused to ink a contract with him and laid down the reasons why.

Asmongold Has Not Been Approved for An Exclusive Deal

Zack “Asmongold” is a prominent figure in streaming, popular for his World of Warcraft videos. Despite having 2.4 million followers on Twitch and almost 340 thousand on YouTube, Asmongold is currently experiencing a setback as Twitch has refused to give him a custom contract.

Asmongold shared the unfortunate news on his alternative channel Zackrawrr. He shared that he tried to go for the contract but was turned down by the streaming giant. 

Asmongold reflected that his frequent breaks and his transparency with his opinions have probably influenced the decision. He mentioned that he has indeed been critical of Twitch in the past, and it is possible that the platform’s higher-ups consider him as a potential danger to the brand’s image.

Because of these concerns, it is likely that Twitch will never approve him for an exclusive contract, regardless of his performance as a streamer and his contribution to the streaming platform. 

The Streamers’ Regular Breaks Likely Played a Huge Part

Asmongold himself was a bit disgruntled and admitted that this decline had bothered him at first. However, he added that he came to see that it is useless to over-think it and to let it sink in deeply. 

“It did bother me until I realized, why do I need a stamp of approval from a bunch of people that don’t even like me?”

He added that needing approval from such people at all costs would be nothing short of vanity.

Asmongold largely admitted that most of what he listed is likely secondary concerns that are dwarfed by the major reason: his own inconsistency as a content creator. The online persona admitted that he’s taking a lot of breaks and that it is understandable why a company as big as Twitch is having second thoughts about hiring him long-term.  

Just this year, Asmongold has taken three breaks in total. He is currently away on the third of the bunch and is self-aware that he lacks the consistency other content creators have. Regardless of Twitch’s reasons of refusal, Asmongold is disappointed but not to the point of wallowing in anger or sadness. 

“Although disappointing for me, I understand it and ultimately would rather have more autonomy than a paycheck,” he said.

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