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Published: October 19, 2021

Written by: Silvia Pavlof

  • Asmongold criticized for his opinions on Amazon’s game, New World
  • New World podcasters says Asmongold’s opinion is influenced by professional status
  • Asmongold responds to the accusations

A New World podcaster stated Asmongold’s criticism towards New World is influenced by professional status.  Asmongold responds.

New World Podcaster Bashes Asmongold’s Opinion

Asmongold is a popular world of Warcraft streamer who recently transferred to mostly doing content on Amazon’s new MMORPG New World. He is currently making content on his second channel, focusing mainly on New World, while on hiatus from his main channel due to his mother’s health.

The streamer has been an avid critic of the game ever since it was still in its beta. This criticism hasn’t stopped, and now Asmongold’s problem is that the game seems too “boring” at times.  The reason, he states, is that he’s able to grind the same five quests to reach max level.

Newworldordershow, a Twitch podcaster, heard Asmongold’s criticism and was not pleased. He claimed that Asmongold is influenced by money and professional status. Asmongold heard of the criticism and responded with a witty answer.

Asmongold’s Response to the Podcaster

In a stream on October 18 on Asmongold’s second channel “zackrawrr”, the content creator’s audience made him aware of a New World podcaster’s clip, in which he stated, “I’m not gonna throw him under the bus, he threw himself under the bus.”

The podcasters made this comment after reading Dexerto’s report on how Asmongold plans to reach max level, to see if the game can be “cheesed”. The podcaster stated that “There’s a certain amount of malice there that makes you wonder, professionally speaking, what his goal is.”

This did not sit well with Asmongold, so he responded by saying “I would take their opinion on being a professional seriously if they were professionals, the only reason they’re in the directory is that they were embedded onto the front page.”

The streamer continued by saying that one can make a much stronger argument on a professional level that the podcaster’s opinion should be discarded much more than his. He continued explaining that “because that box behind him, as well as that power bank and hat, were part of the influencer package provided by Amazon last year. I know that because I have one.”

Asmongold argued that if someone is calling him out, saying he has ulterior motives, then they should not do so while wearing Amazon’s freely provided items. “You shouldn’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.”

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