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Published: June 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Asmongold is not happy with the overall quality of Diablo Immortal
  • The mobile game has not been received well by the wider player community
  • Asmongold explains how this might even hurt the upcoming Diablo VI’s reputation

Diablo Immortal has been received with mixed feelings from the player base and popular Twitch streamer Asmongold explained why he personally thinks the game is bad.

Asmongold Quits Diablo Immortal

Like many other gaming companies, Blizzard has too been expanding into the ever-growing realm of mobile gaming. One of its titles includes Diablo Immortal – an experience aimed to emulate the popular franchise on mobile devices. However, the game has not been received all too well, and popular Twitch streamer Asmongold seems to agree with many other players.

The streamer recently voiced concerns about how Diablo Immortal’s reception by the wider player base might hurt the franchise’s reputation as a whole. “I don’t know why they released this game. I don’t understand. It’s so depressing,” Asmongold said. “Every single time I’m playing this game, I feel like I’m slapping myself in the face. This has nothing to do with the pay to win. The game is fundamentally bad.”

The Streamer Blasts Diablo Immortal

Asmongold started by criticizing Diablo Immortal’s PC version. He said Blizzard “didn’t try” and “did nothing” to make it better than a tacked-on last-ditch effort that any third-party game porting company could have done.

He also said Blizzard did nothing innovative, compared to Diablo III, which came out a decade ago. “We’ve gone from killing the end boss of an act to killing the end boss of a rift,” Asmongold said. “What an incredible imagination these developers have!” He said Immortal doesn’t have many interesting maps and deemed the gameplay to be “very shallow and lackluster”.

Asmongold did not forget to criticize Diablo Immortal’s microtransactions. They have been deemed by many players to be pay-to-win, and Asmongold described them as a “predatory pay-to-win piece of sh*t”. He said that the game has many “enticing deals” intended to coerce people into spending more money to progress. His statements seem to hold according to a streamer who recently spent $10 000 on loot boxes without getting a single legendary item.

“Diablo Immortal is garbage. It’s garbage with or without pay to win,” Asmongold finally concluded, blasting Blizzard and saying the company put no effort into making something innovative. “It’s brought in hardly any new ideas except for the ideas that came from the monetization department. The fights themselves are one-dimensional garbage. The raid bosses are somehow even worse. The rifts are repetitive and not dynamic at all,” he explained.

Due to all of these reasons, Asmongold concluded he does not feel very hype about what the upcoming Diablo IV might offer. He thinks the game will not present anything innovative, as according to him, Blizzard seems to lack motivation.

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