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Published: June 15, 2022

Written by: Isabella Aslam

  • Lost Ark has seen a resurgence in popularity recently
  • However, it seems the game is flooded with bots, instead of actual players
  • This means players cannot enter the game as the servers are full

Asmongold recently talked about how Lost Ark’s servers have been filled up with bots, preventing actual players from joining.

Lost Ark Has a Huge Problem

Lost Ark has been out for a few months now, and being a relatively new game, it still has its teething issues. Popular Twitch streamer Asmongold, who was instrumental in the game’s early success, talked a bit about these problems, namely the large number of bots the game has.

In a recent stream, the popular MMO gamer brought up some concerning numbers regarding Lost Ark’s active player numbers. Bringing up data from Steam Charts, Asmongold backed up his arguments on how botting has been ruining Lost Ark players’ experience.

The problem, Asmongold said, is that the game is jam-packed with bots instead of actual players. This means servers are full and players who actually want to play the game cannot enter. “You know what’s happening now is every server is getting a queue,” the streamer said. “And real players can’t log onto the game anymore because there are so many bots, and there are so many people playing, mainly bots, that you can’t even do anything.”

How Botting Ruins Players’ Experience

Botting is not a new thing in MMO’s. It most commonly occurs when there are in-game resources that can be easily farmed while AFK-ing, or through other automated means. And while some MMOs, like Black Desert Online, have AFK farming and leveling up skills as a core part of their gameplay, Lost Ark seems to suffer excessively from the phenomenon of botting.

Asmongold showed data from Steam Charts, showing the game’s active player number skyrocketed. And while this might seem great at first, suggesting the game is doing well, the problem is most of these players are bots that fill up the servers for active players.

The streamer found out about Lost Ark’s bot problem when he was trying to form groups to run instances. He asked people if they want to play with him, but many responded that they can’t get into the game because of long server queues.

Asmongold thinks this sudden surge of Los Ark players are in fact bots, as the game doesn’t seem to have a cyclical nature to its player numbers. Games are usually played a lot in the evenings, and the number of active players drops during the day. However, this number seems constant in Lost Ark, suggesting many players are simply AFK-ing with bots running their characters.

The result is that actually active players cannot enter the game due to servers being full.

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