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Published: August 5, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Asmongold, the legendary MMO streamer, has smashed his personal Twitch record with 14.6 million hours watched
  • He streamed numerous titles, including World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XIV Online, as well as Amazon’s New World, and Ashes of Creation
  • Asmongold drove so much interest in FFXIV that developers had to work on server population issues

Twitch streamer and MMO legend Asmongold has been one of the most successful content creators for years now, but his record viewership in July demonstrated that he has not yet reached his zenith.

Asmongold has managed to clock in 14.6 million hours watched, taking on other popular streamers such as xQc who posted a close-second with 14 million hours watched of his own. July proved fortuitous for Asmongold who has been juggling many great titles on his channel, including Final Fantasy XIV Online and World of Warcraft: Classic.

His past record was around the same time that World of Warcraft: Classic was released in September 2019 and generated some 13.4 million in watched hours at the time. Interestingly, Asmongold has been able to establish himself as a leading personality on Twitch and his popularity doesn’t stem from playing blockbuster titles, but rather from feeling passionate about the titles he plays.

Asmon has been smashing it at Final Fantasy XIV, a game often praised as a much better version of World of Warcraft, or at least one of its main challengers. He took on Amazon’s New World closed beta and he also dug his paws into Ashes of Creation, two MMOs that he studied over several days.

Asmongold’s Endorsement Leads to Overpopulation

When he first tuned in to play Final Fantasy XIV, Asmongold immediately pulled in 200,000 concurrent viewers and maintained a good steady 95,000 viewers afterward and clocking in 75 hours on it.

Overall, Asmon streamed around 168 hours in July or around 40 hours a week. He has been able to pull much better results compared to xQc, too, who has been online for around 235 hours of streaming.

Asmon’s quick love with FFXIV brought the game new player bases that forced developers to quickly start expanding server capacity as a true testament to the man’s magnetism and pull in gaming communities.

Asmongold is also popular on another channel, Zackrawrr, where he spends his time in a rather more relaxed pace of play and doesn’t intrude on the overall calmness of the chat. Still, his channel is hitting 16,724 viewers on average and has amassed around 1.60 million hours watched in July. 

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