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Published: December 28, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Arcane fans are still feeling the hype from the show
  • Fans are creating amazing content to celebrate Arcane
  • One cosplayer showed an amazing Jinx cosplay

Arcane’s first season may be over, but this doesn’t stop fans from creating amazing content themselves, such as cosplayer Jazmine Leija and her amazing rendition of Jinx.

Arcane Continues to Generate Hype

By this point, it is clear no one can argue Arcane’s popularity and the massive impact the show had on the League of Legends community as a whole. Riot’s first full animated series garnered massive success worldwide, topping Netflix charts in 50 countries.

Arcane’s first season ended a couple of weeks ago, but the hype is still alive and many LoL fans are creating their own ways to celebrate the series. One way to pay homage to the show is making and wearing cosplays of the series’ iconic characters, and who could be more iconic than the loose cannon Jinx.

This is what talented cosplayer Jazmine Leija has recently done. She’s been keeping the show’s hype alive by bringing its characters alive through her amazingly detailed costumes. She recently revealed an incredibly detailed cosplay of Jinx as we know her from after the events of Arcane, all decked out with her mayhem-causing arsenal.

A Very Detailed Cosplay

Jasmine has definitely not spared any effort in making her Jinx cosplay as close as possible to the original. Jasmine had her wig styled to exactly match Jinx’s iconic blue hair and braid. A lot of makeup went into the cosplay to make The Loose Cannon’s pale skin and birthmark. Jasmin also put a lot of effort into the actual outfit, with its pink, black, and purple stripes. This is all perfectly rounded off with a single knee-high sock and a pink sleeve on the right arm.

Perhaps the most visually striking piece of the whole costume is the prop launcher. Jinx’s iconic shark-shaped weapon looks like it’s pulled straight out from the game itself. The many pieces fit well into one another, creating the well-known shape, and the paint job makes the rocket launcher look like it’s made from actual steel. Of course, Jinx needs to shoot something from that magnificent weapon, so the many belts, buckles, and ammunition belts round off the cosplay very well.

Jasmine gave her fans a closer look at the cosplay in a following post, saying “I had to bring my girl Jinx out again because of the Arcane hype!” And the hype is not unjustified, as Riot has confirmed they are working on Season 2 of the show. It’s possible that it may come out in 2022.

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