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Published: September 25, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Apex’s fan-favorite World’s Edge map recently received a new version for the Harbingers event
  • However, fans report that the maps’ train is not working properly
  • Many argue this takes away crucial gameplay aspects of the map

Although Apex’s Harbingers Collection Event is in full swing and fans seem to like it, some continue to report issues with the World’s Edge After Dark map.

World’s Edge’s Train Is Broken

World’s Edge is one of the most popular maps in Apex Legends, so it should not come as a surprise that players are diving head-first into its so-called After Dark version. This is a highlight of the Harbingers Collection Event currently running in the game, and although fans seem to be enjoying it a lot, there is one feature of the default map that is not working here – the train is not running.

Although this might seem like a relatively minor cosmetic feature that is not currently working in the After Dark version of World’s Edge, many players agree that it should be added back. This is because the train was also a cool spot for battles and a useful way to get around, apart from being a cool backdrop.

“First thing I did was try to start the train and ended up being disappointed. Plus, there is a little out-of-order sign on the window beside the terminal,” one player wrote in a Reddit post discussing the situation of the stationary train. “That’s immediately what my squad did too. We dropped on the train to see if there was a terminal to turn it on and we got so excited. When we realized the train wasn’t going, we got so upset,” another fan echoed the statement.

Unfortunately, the train situation is not the only problem that World’s Edge After Dark has, as many players have also reported that the boxes in the sorting facility are not moving anymore. Although this is less of a gameplay and more of an aesthetic problem, the two are likely linked.

Some fans speculated that there are some kind of technical difficulties about having many moving objects on a map. Some pointed out that this would be taxing on servers. “A lot of moving dynamic features is heavy for servers. Especially with 60 users having to see it go at the same time,” one player explained. “I believe this is a network localization thing. It’s possible but some studios don’t think it’s important to gameplay to worry about it breaking. But it’s EA and they have the resources to keep it but it’s also EA.”

Although the current event seems to be quite liked by the community, it has not gone without its issues. Just a few days ago a bug hindered players’ progression in the Harbingers Collection Event, prompting the devs to release an emergency patch and also compensate affected players.

However, Respawn Entertainment have not yet said anything about what fans are currently complaining about, suggesting that fixing the train on the map is not their top priority right now.

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