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Published: May 31, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • NRG has announced it is going back to competitive Apex after months away from the scene
  • The org previously exited citing a lack of support from Respawn and EA
  • Changes in the financial landscape seem to have helped NRG reenter the competitive scene

NRG is fielding an all-star roster, comprised mainly of XSET’s members who have proven themselves in the past couple of years.

NRG Announces New Apex Squad

When Apex Legends first launched in early 2019, many prominent esports organizations took note of this and fielded rosters in the game. NRG was one of the first ones to do so and so the org quickly became a staple of the competitive scene. This lasted until about half a year ago when the team exited the sport due to various reasons. However, NRG is poised to return to Apex as it has announced it’s fielding an all-star lineup.

Composed of Brandon “oh Nocturnal” Singer, Ryan “Reptar” Boyd, and Brandon “FunFPS”, the squad’s composition promises that the organization will be quite prominent in high-level pro Apex. The trio will be coached by Haris “hodsic” Hodzic who, alongside Nocturnal and FunFPS, was part of the recently dropped XSET roster that failed to make the Split One Playoffs.

Despite XSET falling in recent Split One results, the team’s core still remains quite respected in the North American ecosystem. Nocturnal and Fun have a 2023 Split Two NA Pro League title, after all. The due has also recorded a streak of five consecutive LAN event qualifications beginning in 2022. With a portfolio like this, it’s no wonder that NRG has opted to sign them.

What Happened to the Previous Roster?

Speaking of NRG, their previous Apex roster found success throughout the 2023 season, placing second in the Split One Playoffs, 11th in the Split Two Playoffs, and 15th in the Championship. However, in September, the organization decided to part ways with its players.

According to the chief gaming officer for the org, NRG Jaime, a lack of support between participating Pro League teams and EA was the main reason for this decision. This has been a somewhat consistent problem that has caused many organizations to exit the competitive scene.

While Respawn and EA would finally listen to the orgs’ plea for support, it was already late for NRG’s previous team. However, the upcoming Esports World Cup has also incentivized organizations to pick up current free agents or rosters. The tournament will also offer a $2 million prize pool, which is the same amount featured in all past Championships.

NRG’s new roster will make their Split Two debut on June 1 where they will face off against Group B.

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