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Published: June 11, 2024

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The player will be Moist Esports’s third player after Emtee transitioned to a coaching role
  • Neither Moist Esports nor DSG have yet officially announced the move
  • This should hopefully alleviate the visa issues that Moist has been experiencing recently

iiTzTimmy announced in a recent Twitch stream that he is moving to Moist Esports’ Apex Legends roster in a sudden mid-ALGS shift.

iiTzTimmy to Join Moist Esports

As the Split 2 NA Pro League just wrapped up its second week, now is the perfect time to make various roster shifts. Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An from DSG knows this very well as the 24-year-old player announced that he is making a move to Moist Esports’s Apex Legends squad.

“I will be officially playing with Moist Esports. I will be playing with Gild and Wxltzy,” iiTzTimmy said in a recent Twitch stream. He will be taking the spot of Matthew “Emtee” Trengove on Moist’s lineup. Meanwhile, Emtee will be transitioning to a coaching role. In fact, it’s exactly this shift that opened up a spot for iiTzTimmy. Emtee stepped down as Moist’s third player and the team needed to fill in his slot, so they approached Timmy and he agreed to join.

Timmy acknowledged that he will miss his now-former teammates Dezignful and Enemy. “They’re my f***ing boys, so I want you guys to continue giving them love and support,” he said about the remaining DSG players. Now the Apex Legends organization needs to find a third member. Interestingly, Dezignful put a call out for competitive players before Timmy announced he was moving to Moist.

Currently, neither of the two teams has officially announced the player’s transfer. However, DSG made a post on Twitter acknowledging the player’s decision.

How Are Both Teams Fairing Recently?

Perhaps Timmy’s move and the broader roster changes regarding both DSG and Moist will be welcomed by both orgs. It seems they might need some reshuffling as neither of them seems to be performing very well in recent months.

Currently, both Moist and DSG sit at the bottom half of the table in the NA Split 2. Moist Esports didn’t gain any points in their last game, while DSG only received four points overall in their last two games. Both team’s fight to qualify for the Split 2 Playoffs isn’t over yet, as there are still two more rounds until the Finals.

In addition to this, Moist Esports had been struggling with visa issues for their players. This resulted in the org having to drop their ALGS team during the Split 1 Playoff so they could attend the LAN. A few weeks ago, Charles White, a.k.a. MoistCr1TiKaL, one of the co-founders of the organization, posted a video saying the org is suing US Immigration for the problems caused.

Whatever the result of that case is, at least it should be easier for Moist Esports to acquire visas for their players now that iiTzTimmy is part of the team as the roster is now mostly American.

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