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Published: September 13, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • The Dojo unexpectedly finished fourth in this year’s ALGS, in spite of that critics said
  • Even the IGL iiTzTimmy seems to have not expected such a good outcome
  • He recently confirmed the squad will “run it back” in the next championship

After finishing fourth at the ALGS Championship, much to the dismay of the many people who doubted them, The Dojo will stick together during this off-season to prepare for the next circuit.

The Dojo Proved Doubters Wrong

During a large part of the ALGS Championship, North American team The Dojo was viewed as one of the series’ underdogs. Few viewers and commentators gave the squad, which consist of Timothy “iiTzTimmy” An, Alex “Enemy” Rodriguez, and Tyler “Dezignful” Gardner, much chance of even qualifying for the event via the Last Chance Qualifier.

Much to the surprise of many, however, the Apex Legends squad, led by iiTzTimmy, proved the critics wrong by going to the Championship in Birmingham, where they finished fourth overall. In fact, had it not been one crucial fight against TSM in the final game, The Dojo might have even won the whole event.

It was so surprising, that it seemed even the team’s captain had a lot of doubts. “I will not lie, I did expect us to do well, and get to the finals, but it was really up in the air if we would actually win the tournament because it was the first time that we had played such a big and competitive tournament together,” iiTzTimmy said in an interview for Dexerto. “I was personally shocked, and I know the boys were very happy as well because we could see the emotions when we won. Everybody was very teary.”

IiTzTimmy Talks About Future Plans

But now that the emotions have calmed down a bit, it’s time for The Dojo to think about making future plans. In a stream from September 12, iiTzTimmy revealed, much top the delight of fansm, that the team will stick together during the off-season and prepare even better fo the next one. “We are going to run it back.

“We are going to continue playing together, we’re going to scrim, we’re going to play the next tournament,” iiTzTimmy said in his stream. “I think the next LAN is in three or four months, so we’re just going to prepare for that, we should hopefully qual for that, do well in it, and you know, take the f**king trophy home.”

The 23-year-old player also talked about how excited he is as the team is one of the top-quads out there. Considering The Dojo finished the ALGS Championship with the fourth-most kill points overall at 129, only a few kills behind TSM, he’s got a strong argument.

Although we still do not have the full details about the upcoming ALGS Year 4, we at least know that The Dojo will certainly take part in it.

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