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Published: September 19, 2023

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Season 18 of the game introduced a big array of new Legends skins and other cosmetics
  • It also includes Fuse’s Heirloom – the Razor’s Edge
  • All 24 Harbinger Event Packs will cost a total of 16 800 Apex Coins or approximately $170

For the next two weeks, Apex Legends fans will be able to grind out a multitude of unique power metal-looking skins and other cosmetics in the game’s Harbingers Collection Event.

Harbingers Collection Event Launches Today

Every season sees Apex Legends introduce its players to new series of cosmetic items and Season 18 is no exception. We are well into it and developers Respawn Entertainment have decided that it’s finally time to kick off the Harbingers Collection Event. It will offer a dazzling array of skins and other in-game goodies set to a theme of something that can be called “metal AF”.

The event will last for two weeks, starting today on September 19, and lasting until October 3. During this time, players can acquire a total of 24 newly designed in-game cosmetics that have an almost 90s Power Rangers villain aesthetic mixed with a load of power metal. One of the most coveted prizes in the event is the Razor’s Edge, which is Fuse’s Heirloom. This finally gives the character, who has been around since season 8, his own heirloom.

Harbingers Collection Event will also bring a large lineup of Legendary skins. Characters such as Ash, Bangalore, Gibraltar, Fuse, Seer, and Bloodhound will receive unique suits of armor tailored after the theme of the event. Furthermore, six new weapons will also get cosmetic upgrades: the Charge Rifle, Prowler, Rampage, Nemesis, Alternator, and Longbow will all receive skins that match the Legends’ thematic style.

Unfortunately for players, unlocking all of these features won’t be an easy feat. To claim Fuse’s Heirloom, players must acquire all 24 cosmetics available in the event. In terms of costs, this equates to a total of 16 800 Apex Coins, which is around $170 in real money.

There are, however, discounted Store bundles, which may prove a more affordable way to get the cosmetics than the alternative of buying Event packs directly. Furthermore, players may opt to use Crafting Metals to unlock as many Epic rarity skins as possible within the event, all while reveling in the new ways Apex Legends’ Season 18 ranked system works.

Last but not least, the Harbingers Collection Event brings a free reward tracker that encourages players to participate actively in the event and earn enticing in-game rewards at no cost. Fans can accumulate up to 1 400 points daily, meaning they are theoretically able to complete the entire reward panel in just four days. Rewards include four unique limited-time badges, two epic holo sprays, one charming charm, an Epic rarity Sentinel skin, and an Epic rarity Mad Maggie skin.

All in all, the Harbingers Collection Event will offer players an interesting new array of cosmetics that can be either ground out or bought directly.

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