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Published: August 17, 2021

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • Timmy Ann, better known as iiTzTimmy has pulled off a 58-hour streaming marathon
  • The Apex Legends player achieved Apex Predator rank starting from Bronze during his stream
  • He trended big on Twitch, amassing 100,000 new followers and clocking in 1 million viewers

Timmy “iiTzTimmy” Ann is trending after he pulled off a 58-hour stream allowing him to scale through the Apex Legends rankings, from Bronze to Apex Predator, by the end of the stream. 

All Hail the New Apex Predator, Timmy

Streaming marathons is where the groove is at. Watching skilled players and entertaining Twitch personalities pull off 48-hour gaming marathons is immensely fun, and in the case of Timmy “iiTzTimmy” Ann, it can be highly rewarding too.

IiTzTimmy streamed his climb from Bronze tier to Apex Predator, the highest tiers in the game, as he went on for 54 hours, blowing opponents to pieces and dominating the rankings. With this move, iiTzTimmy is joining the ranks of only 750 players worldwide who have been able to achieve the same prominence.

Often referred to just as Timmy, he is a retired professional player who played for the Golden Guardians, the esports alter-ego of the National Basketball Association (NBA) franchise, the Golden State Warriors. He quickly went on to become a real Twitch sensation because of his impeccable skill at Apex Legends.

His aim, reflexes, and devastating abilities have quickly raised him to salience within the Apex Legends community. As the stream went on, Timmy was able to amass the impressive one million unique viewers.

Timmy Is Trending, You Dawgs

The longer he went and the higher the rank he attained, and the more people talked about Timmy and his exciting achievement. He had a peak viewership of some 148,000 concurrent viewers and managed to add over 100,000 followers in what has proven to be quite an impressive feat. So far as streaming achievements go, Timmy’s definitely one of the most successful players/streamers out there.

He has been able to rise to the very top of the streaming community in the Apex Legends fandom by sheer skill alone. His achievement is akin to what Ninja first did when he joined Fortnite and immediately shot through the Fortnite rankings, proving himself capable players able to achieve a lot.

Timmy, though, didn’t just demonstrate great skills – he set a new player damage record of 9,069 achieved over the course of an entire match. He is still coming short of RakyThought, who did 10,000 damage, but he was assisted by teammates, whereas Timmy decided to go it alone.

Apex Legends is currently in a state of flux, with many Warzone players leaving the game due to rampant issues with cheaters on every level of play.

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