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Published: November 29, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Amouranth dominates Twitch charts
  • Some joke she should have her own separate category
  • The streamer continues to challenge Twitch with new content metas

Amouranth has become such a big Twitch star that her viewer numbers surpass many others like Pokimane’s by so much, that she could be considered her own streaming category.

Twitch’s Most Watched Female Streamer

Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is one of Twitch’s most recognizable faces, very often leading female streamers when it comes down to viewership numbers. She’s been often at the forefront of risqué content on twitch, being one of the main popularizers of the so-called “bathtub meta” that gripped Twitch earlier this year.

Her popularity seems to be only rising, as data published by StreamElements via shows that the controversial streamer racks up more than three million hours watched every month. This is almost twice as much as the next most-watched female streamers, Pokimane (who chalks up about 1.7 million hours per month), and SadDummy (with 1.5 million hours).

A New Category Especially for Amouranth?

With so many viewers, it is not surprising some have even suggested “Amouranth” to be a separate Twitch category. The female streamer often tops any category she touches, from hot tubs or ASMR streams, to “just chatting” streams. Her recent streams focus mainly on these categories, but she is no stranger to experimenting with new ideas.

As stated before, the “bathtub” meta was all the rage earlier this year and is has not been affected too much by Twitch’s stifling attempts. Even so, the “novelty” seems to have died down a bit, however, some streamers have still found loopholes in the streaming platform’s guidelines to sexualize their content. Once again, Amouranth is leading the trend centered around, once again, yoga pants. This time there is a literal twist – it’s called Twister.

The new meta is actually quite simple. Amouranth played twister by herself, often making provocative poses while wearing yoga pants. Naturally, this attracted many viewers. And while Twitch is trying to stifle sexualized content on their platform, the loophole here is that technically Amouranth is “simply plying a game”, which is one of Twitch’s main purposes as a broadcasting network.

All of this often-controversial content is being made for a specific reason, it seems. Amouranth has announced plans to someday quit content creation all together with the intention of transitioning to a more passive income. The internet celebrity recently used her hard-earned cash to buy a gas station, stating it is a good idea to invest in other types of income.

“I have a hunch my popularity is fleeting… so I want to do as much as I can while I am still actively earning,” she said.

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