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Published: January 3, 2022

Written by: David Kent

  • In a recent Vice interview, Amouranth called criticism towards her “ironic”
  • She addressed an apparent double standard in Twitch culture
  • Amouranth talked more about her potential retirement plans

In a recent interview, controversial online celebrity Amouranth has called many of her critics “ironic”.

Amouranth Calls Critics “Ironic”

Kaitlyn Siragusa, more commonly known as Amouranth, is no stranger to controversial content creation. Last year she racked up a whopping six bans on Twitch, often involving her more “sensitive” streams. She’s received backlash from the gaming community, but in a recent Vice interview, Amouranth explained why according to her it is ironic for gamers to have an issue with her Twitch streams.

“It’s ironic that people have an issue with real women embracing their sexuality when on all the video games that these teenagers and adults play on Twitch,” said Amouranth in the interview, uploaded on December 30. “There are legit women being sexualized constantly.” Amouranth definitely does not seem to mind embracing her sexuality. After her OnlyFans, a few weeks ago she announced she’s become a Playboy model.

The controversial Twitch celebrity continued explaining the supposed duality of Twitch, saying that viewers find it acceptable to sexualize women in games, but rejected sexuality on the streaming platform. “There are games like Dead or Alive where it’s just women in bikinis essentially trying to fight each other and balance each other’s butts at each other and that’s fine. There’s GTA that has strippers and that’s fine.”

Amouranth’s Business Plans

Despite her criticism of the apparent double standards Twitch has, Amouranth’s online presence nets her massive monthly income. She’s used her, often quite sexualized content like bathtub streams, to earn a substantial amount of money. “It’s only real women that we can’t have embraced their sexuality for a profitable gain,” she said,” but men can create women characters in video games and sell it to the masses and it’s perfectly well received.”

Later on in the interview, Amouranth touched on the notion of retirement. She’s talked about this a few times before, both on stream and off-stream. It seems she already has a plan for what she’s going to do after a potential retirement. Recently, Amouranth revealed to her fans that she’s bought herself a whopping $1 million present in the form of a gas station, from which she plans to have a passive income in the future.

However, retirement still seems to be far in the future for the controversial online celebrity. Despite Amouranth having a stable passive income, her popularity doesn’t seem to have dropped much in the last year, so it’s sure she’ll still have a stable online presence in 2022.

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