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Published: December 7, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Popular Twitch streamer Amouranth spends $1 million for her birthday
  • The gift is a part of the content creator’s future retirement plans
  • Other plans include buying a gas station for passive income

The popular Twitch celebrity Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa is not scared of making outrageous things and recently she shocked her viewers with the $1 million gifts she bought for her birthday.

Amouranth’s Bizarre Gift to Herself

There is no denying Amouranth’s popularity. With her being one of the most-watched content creators on Twitch, so much that people say she should have her own category, it is no surprise the internet celebrity has money to spend.  

She often buys expensive things for herself and updates her followers on Twitter. However, recently Amouranth revealed she spend a whopping $1 million on a gift for her birthday, an act that had many of her fans bewildered. On December 6 she posted a Tweet saying she has spent a large amount of money to purchase $1M in Visa stock for her birthday.

The screenshots she posted on Twitter show Amouranth has bought a whopping 5,400 shares and has 44.1M in buying power. Many fans praise her financial decision.

A Burgeoning Businesswoman?

Putting a massive amount of money into any venture is quite the achievement but this is not the first time the Twitch star has invested a lot of resources into other businesses. Recently she announced some potential retirement plans that involve the purchase of a gas station.

Amouranth has stated that since she thinks her viewership fluctuates and she does not know how long she will be relevant on the market. Because of this, she said she wants to invest in other spheres besides Twitch as part of her larger retirement plan.

With the frequent bans, the Twitch star has it is no surprise she wants to have a passive income and a backup plan. However, she has said that she plans to keep making content on Twitch until her investments start outpacing the income she makes from working.

Fans should not be worried about Amouranth’s financial well-being though. It’s estimated she receives quite a lot each month from her activities on Twitch and OF, plus her other business ventures make her a decent income. Regardless if Twitch decides to kick her out for good, the massive investment Amouranth has already done will surely payout.

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