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Published: May 20, 2021

Written by: Edward Pearcey

  • Activision is bringing a series of four $300,000 prize pool events for Call of Duty: Warzone
  • The Call of Duty: World Series of Warzone will feature invited and qualified players
  • All players must agree to go through extensive checks by Activision to ensure they are not using fraudulent software

Call of Duty: Warzone shifts into a fully-competitive title through the World Series introduced by Activision.

Activision Launches World Series for Call of Duty: Warzone

Activision/Blizzard continues to dote on its titles with the Call of Duty franchise getting another major competition to rally the community around. This time around, it’s Call of Duty: Warzone that will host a crowning competitive event by the name of the World Series, as CoD’s competitive model continues to drive significant revenue home.

The series will feature four tournaments with each carrying a $300,000 prize purse. The event will see 50 teams of three players each participate in the first event. Shortlisted participants will include invited players as those who qualify through the online last-minute satellite tournaments.

Events will be available in both North America and Europe, and scoring the prize pool will be a balance between performance, which can fetch players up to $200,000, and the Captain’s Cup for an additional $100,000.

Essentially, the Captain’s Cup will promote five players to the role of captains, taking over squads, and drafting their own players. The prize pool distribution will allocate $20,000 to the winning team captain with an additional $1,000 put down for each player on the winning’s team.

Players Will be Thoroughly Vetted for Cheating

Because concerns of cheating have grown, Activision has already found a way to address the issue as part of its big announcement for the upcoming Call of Duty: World Series of Warzone. Basically, the company will subject anyone willing to participate to extensive checks that will ensure that all participating Activision accounts have not to show aberration or previous use of fraudulent tendencies.

In short, war is an honorable business. “Participants found to have violated competitive integrity standards will be banned from all future Activision sponsored Warzone events and may be subject to further action,” the message to the community read.

Qualifier events are just around the corner, with a date fixed for May 24. A total of 32 teams who make it through the first qualifiers will then participate in a double-elimination bracket, with the best teams finally proceeding to the official North American tournament held on June 23. More details about the event are forthcoming and will be released in due time.

In the meantime, the Call of Duty League just announced the names of participants in the upcoming CDL All-Star Weekend.

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