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Published: December 15, 2021

Written by: David Kent

  • Ryan Trahan, a YouTube content creator, has spent 33 hours in Minecraft without a break
  • He used that time to craft a story, investing people in his journey
  • The audience adored the narrative, which made Trahan’s feat even more significant

Ryan Trahan has played Minecraft VR without taking his Oculus for 33 hours. He used that time to tell the epic story of a Minecraft villager who tries to find his true calling.

Trahan Lived in the Minecraft World for 2 Days

The famous content creator Ryan Trahan has marathoned 100 days in Minecraft virtual reality. The feat saw the YouTuber live in the sandbox title for 33 whole hours.

Sitting through 100 Minecraft days was no easy undertaking and had Trahan wearing the VR Oculus Quest headset for almost two days. Trahan did take some time off to sleep in a bed that was set up in the room he was playing in but otherwise played for his entire other time. The YouTuber boasted of not taking his headset off a single time throughout the challenge and explained that he had other people bring him food in the room. 

To fully immerse himself in the game, the content creator made sure to use a highly realistic shader. He quickly came to identify himself with his avatar, especially after seeing his shadow moving. Even when he went sleeping in real life, he still saw Minecraft’s sky.

The Tale of Joseph

Trahan’s 100 days in Minecraft were not simply spent playing the game as people usually do. Instead, he truly went for an immersive experience that saw him interact and talk with the game’s inhabitants and give them names and personalities.

A huge chunk of the story saw Trahan trying to have a villager that he named Joseph tag along. Joseph was allegedly forced to be a farmer, despite never wanting to farm. Instead, according to the YouTuber’s story, the “poor villager” wants to go on an adventure and slay the Ender Dragon, the game’s final boss.

To make Joseph’s dream happen, Trahan had to make an elaborate escape plan for him. This included setting the village on fire in the dead of night while sneaking Joseph out through a long canal that he had dug earlier. The YouTuber admitted that after spending so many hours in VR, he felt a little bad for destroying the village.

Trahan continued his playthrough and eventually made Joseph’s dream happen, taking him to The End dimension where the dragon resides. Sadly, Joseph was instantly evaporated by the creature’s magic breath, leaving Trahan to avenge his death.

Fans thought that the storyline was a nice touch and many considered Joseph’s story to be kind of touching. People went as far as calling Trahan’s 100 Minecraft days “a cinematic masterpiece.”

In any case, Trahan managed to not only achieve a notable feat but also to entertain his audience while doing it. 

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