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Published: April 15, 2022

Written by: Stefan Velikov

  • Daultyn Bradley, a student at Enterprise High School, has inked an esports scholarship with the University of Montevallo
  • Bradley competes in Rocket League and hopes to one day make it to the top echelon
  • As a former soccer player, Bradley finds many similarities between traditional sports and esports

Daultyn Bradley, a student who signed an esports scholarship with the University of Montevallo, said that esports isn’t that different from sports.

Bradley Shared His Opinions on Esports

Daultyn Bradley was the first Enterprise High School student to ever sign an esports scholarship with the University of Montevallo. A former football player, Bradley explained how he got into esports and what its benefits are.

The young athlete compared esports to traditional sports, saying that they both allow people to put their acquired skills and training to the test. While some traditionalists still claim that esports cannot be compared to sports, Bradley, a former soccer player, begs to disagree. He noted that his worsening asthma prevented him from being a professional athlete in the traditional sense of the world. That’s where esports came in.

“It’s the only sport in the world that allows both genders to play against each other because everything’s fair. It’s an even playing field. It also allows people with disabilities and who can’t play other sports to have a sense of competition,” Bradley explained.

He joined EHS’ esports program right after it was announced three years ago and has never regretted it. The esports title of his choice is Rocket League. While he hopes to one day participate in the world championship, Daultyn recognizes that he has a lot to learn before that.

Bradley’s Father Is Happy about His Son’s Success

Daultyn’s father, Donald Bradley spoke about his son’s passion. He praised him for his management skills, noting that the young athlete never uses esports as an excuse to slack off from his studies.

“This isn’t the only scholarship he received from Montevallo. He got an academic scholarship there, too. It was more than just games,” Donald added.

He also pointed out that esports used to be something other kids made fun of. However, now that athletes such as Daultyn are earning scholarships, people are starting to see the benefits of the discipline.

The Alabama High School Athletic Association recognizes esports as a viable activity, agreeing that it requires coordination, skills, team play and strategy, just as traditional sports. The association’s Central Board sanctioned esports in April 2018. Enterprise High School launched its esports activities soon after.

As of the time of this writing, EHS has 22 students competing across three big esports titles. The school has a team in League of Legends, two Rocket League lineups and three Super Smash Bros. squads.

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