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Published: July 3, 2023

Written by: Stoyan Todorov

  • CS2 beta testers have found a new exploit that lets them save up a lot of money buying armor
  • Players can get full armor for just the price of a helmet
  • Valve is aware of the issue and will likely fix it in the next big update

CS2’s beta testing has shown a curious glitch that, when exploited, allows players to get a Kevlar vest and helmet for just $350, essentially getting the vest for free and saving $650.

New Glitch Pops Up

With the release of Counter-Strike 2 drawing closer, Valve is busy conducting tests in its closed beta servers, which obviously produce a ton of hilarious glitches. The latest one comes in the form of the long-awaited refund feature not working correctly. It has been out on the test servers for just a day, but players have already found a way to exploit it in order to buy equipment for very cheap.

The refund mechanic came alongside a revamped buy menu, removing the buy-wheel system CS:GO has had in place for years. However, the game’s devs have not taken into account that the new feature can be exploited. If done correctly, the glitch can be used to buy full armor for just $350, meaning the player could save up quite a large sum of money for other purchases.

AquaisMissing posted a “tutorial” on Twitter about how to utilize the glitch. According to the instructions, players must first buy a kevlar and then upgrade it with a helmet. Then, they should refund both items. However, this is where the glitch comes into play as for some reason, the kevlar vest stays on the player, despite them refunding it. Players can then refund the Kevlar one more time and it will still remain on them but also give them back $650. They can then upgrade to a helmet and have full body armor, essentially for the cost of just the helmet at $350.

Valve is very well aware of the glitch and will be working to fix it. The devs acknowledged that the game still has many issues that have to be ironed out before the full release. In a post on Twitter the other day, the devs reminded fans who play the game’s beta to send them feedback if they encounter any glitches.

The “free armor exploit”, as some have started calling it, is not the only major problem CS2 has had in its development. Just a couple of months ago in late March, players found a way to use wallhacks in CS2 using the game’s console commands. Although this issue has long since been fixed, chances are that more will rear their ugly heads as the game reaches its launch date, which Valve has yet to announce.

Regardless, it looks like Valve has many people on the job, so the current major glitch should be fixed in a future update of the game’s beta.

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